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29 October 2015 3,461 views 7 Comments

magzster 5


I am pleased to announce in an exciting new development, TBL has linked up with the Magzter Digital Newsstand to produce a digital edition of the TBL magazine.

The recent issue TBL 39 is available now via Magzter as a digital download for iPad and Android formats.

The Magzter Digital Newsstand is one of the leading multi platform digital newsstand, with 6,000 magazines from 2,500 publishers globally available for sale.

The Tight But Loose magazine has long been established as the key regular Zep written source. The launch of the magazine in digital format via the Magzster Newsstand, therefore represents a major step forward in reaching out to enthusiasts of the band throughout the globe. Online readers will now have access to this essential Zep read at the mere touch of a screen. Each issue adds a fresh perspective to their appreciation of all things Led Zeppelin.

This is a companion digital offer designed to run in conjunction with the physical product. The printed version of the TBL magazine remains at the core of the TBL offer – a 32 page full colour printed edition, individually signed and numbered with a free additional 10 x 8 art print.

The three issue physical subscription will continue to run on-going – the forthcoming TBL 40 is the last issue of the current subscription – reminders will be sent out with TBL 40 to re- subscribe for issues 41,42 and 43.

To make it clear – there are no plans to cease the TBL printed mag -this will continue to be published in all it’s 32 page glory!

Importantly, the  digital version brings additional accessibility to the content. I am sure current subscribers will continue to desire the collectability of the physical product and add the digital version as a convenient method of reading the magazine. In effect you need both!

In linking up with the Magzter Newsstand, I am also hoping it will drive new readers to the magazine and in general, spread the TBL world to a far reaching audience. Indeed if you know of fans who favour online reading be sure to spread this message to them.

If you are reading this and have never indulged in the TBL magazine – the digital version now makes it very easy to do so at the click of the link below.

Initially the most recent TBL – issue 39 has been made available digitally  – the forthcoming TBL 40 will also appear in the digital format and ahead, there is a plan to make selected back issues available.

TBL 39 is a packed edition that features an exclusive interview with Jimmy Page on the companion disc audio content of the final three Led Zeppelin reissues, on the spot report of  the Presence/In Through The Out Door/Coda Olympic Studios Playback Event, an overview of the Led Zeppelin IV/Houses Of The Holy/Physical Graffiti Reissues, Earls Court 1975 remembered, Jimmy Page Sound Tracks set reviewed, Robert Plant Lead Belly tribute concert report, latest John Paul Jones news, collectors column, CD book round up and more .

Here are some initial thoughts on the TBL 39 digital version from long time TBL subscriber Michael Rae in Australia:

“I’m so pleased to hear that TBL will be available as a digital publication. I’ve subscribed to the print version of TBL for many years, and I certainly will continue doing so. In my view, nothing beats TBL in hard copy for reading enjoyment, especially over the long-term.

Nonetheless, I will also buy a digital subscription so as to be able to read TBL on my iPad. The convenience of its easy portability is obvious, but, as current TBL readers well know, each edition is packed with information, requiring a small type font. My iPad’s zoom feature will make for much easier reading and viewing the photos and graphics with my aging eyes!”

James Cook at LedZepNews  adds:

”Tight But Loose magazine has always been the definitive magazine for Led Zeppelin fans, and this digital release is going to make it even more essential. Dave and his network of contributors share so much information and expertise, and I’m often bombarded with requests on how to buy the magazine. This new digital release is going to make the magazine and the Led Zeppelin message available to even more fans.”

Issue 39 is available now via Magzter at a price point of UK £3.92/ US $ 5.99  – the ordering link is below.

Your support for this new initiative is much appreciated in advance and of course your feedback very valued. Let me know what you think of this digital move and the TBL 39 download.

I am hugely excited at this fresh development – having been working closely with Magzter for the past few months to bring it all to fruition.

So in summary – along with the much coveted physical edition, there is now a new way of accessing the TBL magazine – a move that responds  to the ever evolving climate of online publishing

The  TBL world of Led Zeppelin has just got a whole more accessible…get on board for the essential download Zep/TBL  written experience…

Dave Lewis –Editor/Publisher  October 29. 2015


Robert Plant – CKDCF charity organized by Francis Dunnery and staged at at Egremont Market Hall Cumbria – Saturday October 25:

Gone Gone Gone
If I Were a Carpenter
Down by the Seaside
Rich Woman
Going to California
A Big Hunk O’ Love
Rock and Roll
Encore –


This on the spot report from Russell Cherrington:

Egremont, Cumbria is a tiny market town near to the wilds of the coast and an unlikely setting to see Robert Plant play to 300 lucky people. Francis Dunnery holds his annual charity show there every October and invites his friends to come along and play. The first set consisted of Francis and friends from It Bites, Big Big Train and Deborah Rose. Highlight for me was John Mitchell playing the fantastic Tall Ships and Deborah’s spine tingling vocals.

Robert Plant took the stage with the house band at just before 10pm to huge applause and ecstatic Cumbrian’s who never thought this night would come. Gone, Gone, Gone opened proceeding with a smiling frontman and a beaming host, Alison was replaced with a choir of singers including Deborah Rose and Dory Jackson. We had lots of very funny relaxed banter about Cumbria, tour antics and experiences shared. If I Was A Carpenter came next and was the highlight of the evening as Tim Hardin is the singer that Robert’s music brought me to in the 90’s and I now consider his works to be the most underrated in music history. At Francis’ request Robert and his Rock’n’ Roll band played a wonderful Down By The Seaside, very apt as we were so close to the sea. Rich Woman was delivered with panache and the sublime Going To California took the roof off the venue.

Robert told us an Elvis story and played Hunk Of Love to smiles and a genuine love of Rock’ n’ Roll before he went into Rock N Roll in the style of Elvis, the fun moment was when the lone Cumbrian woman decided to dance in front of Robert in a Saturday night Egremont courting ritual. Then as quickly as it started Robert said goodnight and the band left the stage. A standing ovation led to the audience finally going to the stage, the band came back on a played a song that I have not heard before called Don’t on the setlist, then it was all over and like a dream we all drifted off to tell the tale –  I was in Egrement, Cumbria home of the crab fair and gurning fighting with Robert Plant and his Rock.’n’ Roll band.

Russell Cherrington.

Many thanks Russ for the report and great pics.

This one report from the News & Star:

cumbria 5

Rock legend Robert Plant helped raise over £30,000 for a Cumbrian children’s charity with an appearance at a concert in Egremont.

The Led Zeppelin lead singer wowed the small crowd with eight songs which he performed with Francis Dunnery, of It Bites fame.

The money will go to CKDCF, a small charity based in Egremont which provides grants and charitable donations to help Cumbrian children in need, was founded by Dunnery.

Dunnery met Robert Plant in the early 90s when he was asked to audition for, and later became, guitarist in Plant’s band.

The charity held other fundraising activities during the weekend including a dinner and sponsored walk.

Plant clearly enjoyed the Market Hall gig and joked with the audience: “This is better than the big time. It’s been a treat to do this – well it was when I got off the bus and knew that Wolves had lost 3-1.”

Afterwards Dunnery paid tribute to Robert Plant who he described as “the biggest star in world.”

“This is a testimony to his humanity that he would agree to come all this way and do this. He is just a great guy.

“I’ve known him for 20 years and love him, we’ve been around the world together. He doesn’t want to be Robert Plant the icon. He’s generous and you’ve seen tonight that he’s still got his feet on the ground.”

Fans had travelled from all over the country for the gig and local were thrilled to have such as legend at Plant in their midst.

Emma Sloan, of Frizington, described it as “surreal”, adding: “We’re big plans of Led Zeppelin, big fans of Page and Plant. We’ve seen him all over the country, so to see him here is amazing.”

Pip Martindale, of Egremont, said: “It has been superb, absolutely superb. We’re very proud that a home town lad like Francis can bring such a legend to Egremont.”

And it wasn’t just rock fans that Robert Plant thrilled during his visit.

Earlier he popped in to Cockermouth and visited Wordsworth House, posing for pictures with the delighted staff.

See more at:


TBL Archive Special:

The Song Remains The Same 39 Years Gone:

song lp

On the afternoon of Thursday October 21 1976, I anxiously tore open the box marked Warner/ Elektra/ Atlantic Records at the WH Smith record shop where I worked to reveal for the first time the gatefold sleeve of, as the label spine gloriously put it ‘’The Soundtrack To The Film The Song Remains The Same‘’. Yes the only official live album released during the band’s life time is 35 years old.

I have much affection for that original double live album – it captures a certain era of innocence when we knew a lot less about the actual construction of such things and just enjoyed it for what it as – four sides of live Zep to accompany the release of their long awaited film The Song Remains The Same. Whilst the on stage experimentation of their 1972 US tour had levelled out, these New York ‘73 concerts a year later capture all the swagger and verve of a band in the throes of conquering the world.

In those innocent days I was completely immune to any criticism of the boy’s work. I was therefore absolutely incensed with Nick Kent’s less than complimentary review of the film in the  NME. So much so that I wrote a letter to the paper the next week pointing out an inaccuracy on his part. This was duly printed – I used the pseudonym ‘Ace Wallbanger’, a reference to the soccer team I played in, the infamous and much feared in a keystone cops sort of way (well at least in the inner Bedfordshire area!) Wallbangers FC.

Above: Angry Ace Wallbanger of Bedford has the right of reply…

Thanks to the esteemed Eddie Edwards we now know a whole lot more of how the live set was assembled via Eddie’s amazing Garden Tapes analysis.

See link at

I know Eddie was far from happy with the revised version of the album that was issued in 2007. It cooked up a lot healthy debate at the time –have a look at the interview I conducted with Eddie in 2007 at the end of this post.

I was actually quite pleased with Kevin Shirley’s mix. He cleverly kept the excitable crowd reaction high in the mix which adds a real ‘right there’ front row authenticity heard to great effect on the opening blast of Rock And Roll, Celebration Day and Black Dog. In extending the original double album, the six previously unreleased performances included a very fluent Over The Hills And Far Away, the riotous The Ocean and of course finally gave a home to the brilliantly sublime recording of Since I’ve Been Loving You –always a stand out performance in the film and one of their best ever live moments.

I’ve played through both versions of the album in the past few days –and there is much to admire – pull them out yourselves for a nostalgic blast of prime era Zep on this 39th anniversary.

After the excitement of The Song Remains The Same soundtrack double album release, 39 years ago this week saw the premiere of the accompanying movie. This occurred at the Warner West End cinema in London’s Leicester Square although such was the demand the film was also screened at the nearby Shaftesbury Avenue ABC theatre.

We got tickets by queuing overnight in early October. Sleep was at a minimum that night as the disco next to the Warner West End cinema blasted out a diet of Barry White and the like until the early hours. All worth it of course.
Two nights before the premiere The Old Grey Whistle Test screened the famous river boat interview with Peter Grant and Robert Plant and the violin bow segment of Dazed And Confused leading up to the coloured swords being brandished . ‘’That’s an amazing piece of film’’ murmured the legendary Bob Harris -and indeed it was. Incidentally BBC’s Film Night aired a clip the following Sunday for which the long running presenter Barry Norman in his familiar style commented ‘’Let’s all go down like a Led Zeppelin…and why not.’’
The premiere on the night of Thursday November 4 1976 was another unforgettable occasion with many memories ingrained on my brain:

song premiere

Here’s a few: Jimmy being ushered up the stairs of the cinema on arrival by John Bindon right next to me….shaking hands with Peter Grant and Bonzo as they waited for the photo call….standing up to allow Roy Wood and Billy Connolly to get to his seat two along from where we sat….a standing ovation as Jimmy, Robert, John and Bonzo took their seats…..spontaneous applause after every song performance -it was almost like attending a gig…. Bonzo and Jonesy with families gathering in the foyer afterwards…passing Paul McCartney on the way into the toliet  (no jokes at the back!)…..Robert eyeing the cardboard obeleisk/object card board cut out that I wore around my neck entwined with my scarf for the occasion as we chatted in the foyer.

Let me explain this interesting fashion look. Basically I took one of the cardboard obelisks that made up the hanging Presence mobile I had and swung it around my neck in a unique (plainly odd!) fashion statement – I cant it say it’s a look that caught on but hey it was for a special occasion!….The aforementioned Billy Connolly telling me the film had been ‘’A wee bit brilliant’’ in his famous Scottish brogue…watching them all get into limos as they sped off for the aftershow party in Covent Garden. A simply unforgettable night in their company.
My then girlfriend and I were back for the screening at the Warner West End the next night and on the Saturday. I went on to see the film over 30 times in various cinemas over the next 18 months – along with those first three nights it played in London, I saw it in Cambridge a couple of times the next week, every night (twice on Friday) of its seven day residency at Bedford’s Granada the following January , at a run down cinema in Western Favell in Northampton on a snow bound night that involved catching two busses to find the place…at a midnight night showing along with a couple of porn skin flicks in Luton (ooer!) and then there were periodical trips to a small picture house in London’s Wardour Street that showed seasons of rock films in rotation (anyone else remember that tiny place?).
In early 1981 I brought it on a dreadful quality VHS bootleg copy in a shop off Tottenham Court Road – all colour drop out but hey any time I wanted I could rewind to Jimmy climbing that mountain so who cared!

All that endeavour seems faintly ridiculous now considering the fact I can look to the right of me in the TBL workstation I can lean over and pull out the DVD. But hey it was the thrill of the search and as they couldn’t play live during that period, then the film was definitely the next best thing.
There are of course many highlights in the film not least the amazing Since Ive Been Loving You – one of my other favourite clips is the opening sequence of The Song Remains The Same – as the camera blurs slightly then captures the action face on with Jimmy slaying around the Gibson double neck in between Robert’s struts. Watch it below and expect a shiver up your spine…this is what they were all about and why they remain so special…
Somewhere over the next week I’m going to find a couple of hours to wallow in the pure nostalgia of the DVD and recall those heady days of November 1976 – all of 39 years ago.

Dave Lewis -October 29 ,2015.


DL Diary Blog Update:

16  years ago on the afternoon of Sunday October 31st 1999, I found myself travelling in a taxi across the Leicestershire countryside seemingly lost. This was not a good situation as the prospect of seeing Robert Plant, who was performing in a tent in the vicinity in the next half hour was fast disappearing.


Earlier I had met the enigmatic and very fine Leicester based musician Kevin Hewick who was leading me with all good intentions on this wild goose chase(Hi Kevin!). He had heard that Robert and The Priory Of Brion were booked for an appearance at the Ashby Del La Zouch Folk Festival in a tent in Moira near Leicester. it sounded the perfect way to spend a Halloween afternoon.

This was an era when if Robert Plant was playing a gig, I would move heaven and earth to be there.

However our taxi driver host was finding said location very hard to locate. Where were sat navs when we needed them, or for that matter mobile phones?!

Anyway, thankfully it all came good – we found the venue and the tent with about fifteen minutes to spare…and on a pleasant Sunday afternoon Robert duly delivered one of the most captivating gigs I’ve ever seen. Witty, relaxed, reflective and singing with passion and verve the songs that as he put it, he’d had stored in his back pocket.

Robert Plant in a tent on a Sunday afternoon….whatever next? How about Robert Plant on a Saturday night in a pub lounge bar because bizarrely that’s what was in store two weeks later when we saw him play at the Red Lion in Birmingham .

The Ashby Del la Zouch and Red Lion shows remain right up there in my all time best gig going experiences.

Watching the clips of last Saturday’s charity gig in Egremont , I was reminded of those low ley Priory of Brion gigs – and I am sure the lucky few who were at that gig watching the man in such close proximity had a similar high to that I experienced in 1999. I would dearly loved to have been there. In contrast to those somewhat freewheeling days back in the 90s, current circumstances now make such excursions a whole lot more difficult to sort.

Thus, I was never going to be able to get up there for that one and I was amongst the many eagerly scrutinising the YouTube clips – and in today’s ‘everything is captured’ mentality, this is where the camera phone does pays dividends. It was indeed a joy to watch Robert so at ease and singing so masterly. As for Down By The Seaside – a performance of immense poise and dignity.

It’s been an important week here as you will have read above – after months of planning the TBL magazine digital offer is in place. This was an idea I first mooted about two years ago. At that point it was not that feasible, now in a collaboration with the Magzter newsstand, I am all set to go.  A dip into the digital waters in the spreading of the TBL word on a digital platform is something that needs to be done. It feels like I am moving the brand on into a crucial area that will shape the future.

However I am concerned about the effect it might have on the current TBL subscription base and the financial impact overall. As mentioned above, it does offer scope both for subscribers to access the digital download as well as the physical product (as explained by Michael Rae) and it moves the TBL brand on to an entirely untested platform – one that we all know is much accessed in todays modern world.

It will hopefully  expose the TBL magazine and all it’s benefits to a whole new untapped readership. This is TBL in the white heat of technology and whilst it feels just a little apprehensive it’s also hugely exciting if not a little risky.

Risk had a big part to pay in the success of one of the music industry biggest sales phenomenons of all time. I am talking about Mike Oldfield’s recording of Tubular Bells. A 40 minute instrumental piece spread seamlessly over two sides of a record was a daring escapade back in 1973. The fledgling Richard Branson took a big risk in putting it out there as the inaugural release on the Virgin Records label. Given his limited musical knowledge, it was revealed on the excellent BBC 4 documentary of the making of the album shown last Friday night, that he had suggested they add vocals to the piece. Not something Mr Oldfield had in mind.

What Branson lacked in musical knowledge he more than made up for in business knowhow. Tubular Bells was a massive hit and it still sounds utterly fantastic now.

Latest vinyl acquisitions:

barn oct

Amongst all the trials and tribulations – it’s the little treats that keeps it going – a few more little beauties acquired via the Vinyl Barn stall in Bedford last Friday morning…

Jethro Tull – Thick As A Brick –original pressing on Chrysalis label with open up newspaper sleeve.

David Bowie – The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars – RCA pressing with inner lyric sleeve .

Geore Harrison – The Best Of George Harrison  – 1976 Parlophone/EMI compilation with inner sleeve.

Mike Oldfield – Boxed – 4 album box set – this was inspired by the re showing of the excellent Tubular Bells story documentary aired last Friday night on BBC4 as mentioned above.

Back here, Janet’s mum Bet is still in hospital at the moment and we’ve been monitoring things and seeking advice for care ahead.

Elsewhere there’s been more work on TBL 40, the Evenings With book project and much thought and planning regarding the TBL digital launch.It’s going to be a busy and challenging November.

Dave Lewis, October 29, 2015.


YouTube Clips:

Robert Plant – CKDCF charity organized by Francis Dunnery and staged at at Egremont Market Hall Cumbria – Saturday October 25: many thanks Ledded1

If I Were A Carpenter:

A Big Hunk O’ Love:

Down By The Seaside:



News Report:

Until next time…

Have a great  weekend

Keep listening, keep reading…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy –  October 29 , 2015. 

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  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Steven yes I remember seeing you there that afternoon – a memorable one!

  • Steven Gale said:

    Hi Dave,
    I was at the Ashby de la Zouch gig on 31 October 1999, and I remember seeing you near the bar – most of the afternoon!
    I was told by the promoter that there were only 150 people in the audience, which did make the event extremely special. I’d just bought a flat in the area to help with travelling, and seeing Robert Plant only 1 mile away at the Conkers event was surreal. There’s a bootleg CD of the gig and on the back there’s a photo of the crowd queuing up to get in. I’m right at the back! Claim to fame hey?
    Steven Gale.

  • Mark Williams said:

    Great stuff as ever Dave. Robert’s versatility as a singer really comes across in that Egremont set.

    My family & I just spent the last week in Washington DC. Recalled a happy memory of Jimmy,JPJ,Robert and Jason being under the same roof,same time. Still hoping…..

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Selected back issues will be made available in time

  • JML said:

    FINALLY!!! This is great news TBL Goes Digital. Time to open a Swiss Bank Account Dave with the mountains of cash that will come rolling in. Now the obvious question…will back editions be made available?


  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Absolutely not – I have no plans for the TBL printed mag to cease – the digital version is an add on service responding to today’s marketplace.
    Both will sit side by side!

  • Steve Harrison said:

    Hi Dave
    I hope to god this doesn’t mean were going to see the end of the magazine in the future with it going digital. The magazine coming through the post every few months I still a highlight and would hate to see the end of that. The internet is a great tool but not if its going to destroy something we all love.

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