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25 November 2011 9,677 views 43 Comments

John Paul Jones has continued to be part of Seasick Steve’s touring band and was also involved in an ambient music project in Germany.
John hooked up again with blues man Steve for two shows in Holland, the Paradiso Club in Amsterdam on November 20th and the Paard Van Troje in The Hague on Nov 22nd. These were the first dates since the three UK dates back in October at the 02 Academy in Manchester (10th), Academy in Glasgow (11th) and the rescheduled show at the Apollo Hammersmith in London (20th).

On November 14th John appeared at the Punkt Festival (part of the week long Jazz Festival) held at the Alte Feuerwache in Mannheim in Germany. Appearing alongside Norwegian musician, Helge Sten from Deathprod and Supersilent under the banner Minibus Pimps – the pair performed an “ambient noise collaboration project”.

Jimmy Page landed third place Rolling Stone magazines “Best guitarist of all time” poll this week coming in behind Hendrix and Clapton. The Top Ten read as follows:
1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Eric Clapton
3. Jimmy Page
4. Keith Richards
5. Jeff Beck
6. B.B. King
7. Chuck Berry
8. Eddie Van Halen
9. Duane Allman
10. Pete Townshend

40 years on from its release, Led Zeppelin 4 found its way back into the Billboard charts this week. This past week, the album sold just over 3,600 copies in the US to land at No. 166 on the charts. The album has sold over 23 million copies worldwide since its release 40 years ago this month. Look out for a major feature on the album from TBL’s Dave Lewis in the upcoming issue of Record Collector due out December 1st.

The excellent Black Country Communion Live Over Europe DVD is now out .Here is a clip of the superb Song Of Yesterday
Black Country Communion- Song of Yesterday- LIVE OVER EUROPE DVD

And Finally: Something for the weekend. Here’s a couple of clips from a very strange early 1990s Japanese Led Zep documentary -make of this what you will!  It was first aired over here at the 1994 Led Zeppelin UK Convention. Thanks to Larry Ratner for searching out the clips.

Have a great weekend…GF/DL

The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Documentary Pt.1

The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Documentary Pt. 2

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  • Peter Aquino said:

    It’s blasphemous that Brian May isn’t in this so-called Top 10.

    My two cents:
    1. Jimmy
    2. Jimi
    3. Brian

    And I won’t stop if I get started on how ridiculously overrated Keith Richards is, not to mention Townshend and Clapton…

    Rolling Stone = F A I L.

  • Graeme Powell said:

    Got em all on Mastermind,need to get out more!
    Re best guitarists,its difficult to list in order of preference as there are so many different styles involved.My faves are Jimmy,Kossoff,Blackmore,Van Halen,Vai,Gilmour,Cooder,Ronson,Malmsteen and Ralphs.

  • scott said:

    Thanks for that Steve.

  • Steve said:

    Scott, The Band played several sessions for the BBC in 1969 including one hosted by Chris Grant in June 1969 , however their first session that year occured 3 March and was for John Peels Top Gear programme.
    Later the same month ( 19th) they recorded a second session this time for Alexis Corner.

  • Scott said:

    Isn’t the answer to 5, Chris Grant? I thought the John Peel show was in ’71?

  • Steve said:

    Well done fitzy, you are correct 🙂 JP played keyboards during the performance. Actually talking of which I watched it on you tube recently and to be honest although far from perfect ( notably Jimmys guitar seemingly on perpetual phaser mode) it wasnt as bad as I remembered. Worth another listen if you havent heard it in a while 🙂

  • John C said:

    The reason Clapton is at No2 is the same reason myself and a lot of other people here put Jimmy higher – his early work was astounding. I put jimmy higher, but lets look at Clapton, Bluesbreakes; brilliant, Cream, Finest trio ever (maybe Rush but that’s it), then Derek & the Dominoes, fantastic Lp, with the best guitarist ever – Duane Allman… If you want to combine, technical ability (Hendrix)(is there a better slide player than Duane – no!), and raw emotion (Page etc),
    Duane has it all. And don’t forget he was the US equivalent of Page as a session player. I’m amazed no one above does not mention him.

  • Dave said:

    Quite amazed that Clapton is at no 2. No disrespect to him but cant see how he made it there. These lists are pretty stupid things anyway. There are a bunch of great, inovative, musically moving guitar players, Page being truly amongst them and a geltelman to boot as i had the pleasure of meeting him once,and then there are the rest.

    But if we have to have these things, why oh why is Tommy Bolin never mentioned. That to me is criminal. But just my view. Anyway, lets hope for the 02 dvd and new music please Jimmy.

  • Denzepp58 said:

    After reading some of these posts I noticed that is apparent that I am not the only one who laments the fact that Jimmy has not done much the last few years. That being said, the fact is that he has been making music professionaly for a FEW years now, his body of work is QUITE substantial to say the least and his REPUTATION is quite safe judging by how high he placed in the RS poll. Yes, I am disapointed that he has not come out with new music, but seeing how much a perfectionist he has always been, he may feel that not only does he have a reputation to live up to,but that maybe he has not found the right personnel for what he is planning. Lastly, if you look at the other two Yardbird guitarists they have not exactly put out a bunch of new material in the same time span we are talking about here. Even if Jimmy never tours or records again ( I shudder at the thought) he will always be one of the best guitar players ever and will always be revered by any one who knows any thing about music, period.

  • fitzy said:

    the answer to your bonus question : is paul martinuez dont think i have spelt his name correctly but he was robert plants bass player.
    out of all the questions i couldnt remember question 4 and question 14 i know the track is boogie with stu but i thought it was ian mclagen again i dont think thats the right spelling. but i am quite please but then again it is all are subject matter.

  • Martin Tait said:

    I thought he was terrible! Bit anal on my Zep knowledge, but thought that was pretty easy, only stuttering to get John Peel out, so very happy with all 17 correct and 8 on the general knowledge, quite chuffed with an overall score of 25. (Pat’s himself on the back lol)

    Just showing off know, but knew it was Jerry Wexler as well.

  • Denzepp58 said:

    Have to agree with Chris on Page being better than Hendrix..and I love Jimi, but his career was too short and Chris put it perfectly, Jimmy IS the Lord of the strings for all the reasons mentioned and more importantly I think Jimmy plays with more emotion and feeling than anyone else has with the possible exception of David Gilmour. And KEEF does not rate higher that any of the players in the top ten and certainly not over Jeff Beck who has more talent in his pinky than KEEF has ever had. Clapton, while a fine guitarist is just too one-dimensional and is not very original or innovative. I would rate the top ten as # 1 Page # 2 Gilmour # 3 Hendrix # 4 Beck # 5 May # 6 Jack White # 7 Iommi # 8 Lifeson # 9 Justin Hayward and # 10 Blackmore. Hoping Jimmy comes out with some new tunes and tour and the O2 dvd for all of us who miss the sweetest sounding guitar in the world. Peace…

  • André Cruz said:

    Steve A. Jones seems to have a similar opinion than mine. yes Chris, Page is the Lord Of Strings but the fact that he does not play or release something new in over ten years is against him in this RS pool. And worst, against all his fans around the world. I`m a brazilian and managed to see Plant and Black Country Communion this year but since the O2 reunion I`m waiting a chance to see Page again -saw 2 times in 1996 only. At least tomorrow will complete 2 years I met him here in Rio. The date about Task Brazil fundraiser was incorrect in his official site. The event at Casa do Saber (sabor is taste, saber is something like knowledge) was at december 1. November 26th was probabily the day he arrived. The show he attended at British School was 28th and I met him in a fundraiser barbecue at Casa Jimmy on 29th. Dave, as a number one zep specialist in the planet, why in your opinion Jimmy does not release a new album or do a short tour having so many musicians wanting to play with him ? And why he always says (like he did here in Rio) that want to play and will do that ? All the best for everybody !!!

  • Bob Flux said:

    Steve Jones and Andre Cruz have a point. My natural inclination is to put Jimmy Page way above Clapton, though – when Page is on fire he’s just so much more exciting to listen to and watch than Clapton. Sure, Clapton is smoother and probably a ‘cleaner’ player, but Page has the dynamics and the excitement. However, Page drops way down my list simply for the fact that he’s done so little for so long. Each year he states in interviews that he has ‘projects’ on the go but nothing emerges – ever – apart from occasional guest appearances, and how can you plan to go and see Page play at one of these if you have no idea that he’s going to perform there? I don’t think he’s doing his reputation any favours by continually promising new material or new concerts and then not delivering. I’m aware that I write here as if we should expect something from him, when really he should just be enjoying life now and feeling no pressure to perform, but it’s these constant promises to his fans that leave us waiting and waiting and waiting, and all we want is to see him do a few new tunes and a few shows again!

  • Philip Tattershall said:

    My fifteen has been eclipsed by one or two (you only score sixteen in my book Dave – it’s the first answer that counts!), but did anyone better my ten in Robin’s general knowledge round? Twenty five in total is pretty good, but it would only have claimed third place in this high-scoring Mastermind heat. Who reckons our very own DL should put himself up for the next series?


  • Steve A. Jones said:

    I’m fine with Eric Clapton at #2, as it’s either that or #1. In Tokyo alone he’s set to play five sold out concert-length performances next month. Sad fact is that’s four more than his mate Jimmy has delivered anywhere in TEN+ YEARS!

  • Markzoso said:

    Wow Clapton coming in ahead of Page. I usually dont compare guitar players and just consider all the greats offering something different. As much as I could appreciate Clapton he is your A-typical Rock blues player. Page far exceeds him hands down in an artistic sense and creativity level. Its like comparing Angelo to Warhol. Page is the complete package. When Page was on he was untouchable. If you know great live Zepp and even Solo Page you know he plays notes and creative runs Clapton could not even dream of. Song’s well there basically is not a bad Zepp song. Clapton gives you a good song or two an album if that many. The only reason Jimmy Page is slowly sliding down the scale is he decided to call it quits far to soon. He has not done antyhing real since Clarksdale. We are talkin about 14 years of nothing. 14 years of broken promises. We did not need a Zepp Reunion. We needed Jimmy Page playing his guitar period. Now it’s just to late. Jimmy’s body of work is far to small and scattered. Wake up Jimmy Next stop is the box.

  • paul aspey said:

    a full house for yours truly ,not showing off but i should get out more

  • Chris said:

    Hendrix at no 1 ?

    They’re having a laugh – if he’d lived his output (not exactly melodic) would have been seen in its proper perspective.

    Only JP is truly ‘Lord of the Strings’ : acoustic, electric, alternate tunings, blistering riffs, inspirational improvisations, soulful acoustic delicacy. Frankly who else can match all that?

  • John said:


    The guy needs a TBL subscription free for a year plus your books to get him up to speed. Fair play to him tho not easy in the spotlight I would imagine

  • shelfsidemark said:

    Got 14…Said Crete…7 covers and couldn’t think of Tony Thompson….
    though I knew that one…given time ! Got the Power Station album when it came out and used to play it quite a lot…and Detective too !

  • Byron Lewis said:

    Clapton – it’s no wonder I never buy Rolling Stone magazine.
    What an amazing format for a C4 series those inventive Japs have come up with. Pure entertainment.

  • Steve said:

    Ps Bonus question who played Bass at The Live Aid reunion ?

  • Steve said:

    If the answers to q 4 was The Starship ? Then I got them all but I aint 100% sure on that one.

  • Simon Wicker said:

    Speaking as a drummer, whilst his explanation of the intro to Rock and Roll ‘works’ , musically it is incorrect. It actually starts on the ‘and’ of beat 3, the 6th quaver in the bar. Follow this link if you are still awake and want to know how to play it properly:

    I just about managed 11 correct on the Mastermind questions, tho’ so not too bad.

    Eric Clapton indeed! Have to say, obviously, that thousands of people got it wrong and Mr Jimmy Page is the world’s no. 1 guitarist, without question. Let’s leave it at that and never vote on this again.

  • Ian Avey said:

    The second Drummer question caught me out as well!

  • Colin Sheil said:

    Oh dear Clapton at 2 !! Never fails to amaze me – a great student of the blues and imitator of the blues masters but for taking the guitar forward to new frontiers it has to be Hendrix , Page and Beck. Saw Clapton in Dublin a few years ago and had to leave early it was so MOR and soulless – when Wonderful Tonight came on with ‘the wave’ it was time to go !!

  • John C said:

    Aye Richard, sorry about the type O – so technically 15!! I too love Jeff Beck, but guess his career has been erratic over the years. Also take your point on Zappa – he’s one of those freaky talents like Prince. Depends one what floats your boat I guess, technical ability, or just plain old feeling. That’s why I love Duane Allman, his slide work is unsurpassed and general live play amazing, he had both qualities in abundance. Though lets not forget James Patrick, “Tea for One” beats any Clapton blues solo hands down, his solo on “No Quarter” was generally sublime, and his play on “Achilles” turns me to jelly. But the main one for me has to be “Ten years Gone” – pure emotion, Jimmy’s greatest attribute. Anyone else for fav studio solo’s?

  • Jez said:

    13 for me, quite pleased with that. Well done Dave on your full house!

  • Richard G said:

    John – Tony Thompson was the drummer, ex of Chic & Power Station (spot the Swan Song connection there? You don’t need to be a Detective… 😉

    By the way, I can’t understand the total absence of Frank Zappa from the top ten – him & Jimmy are complete opposites, but I can’t decide which I love more. Luckily we have both! So tied at the top for me are Jimmy, Frank & Jeff Beck

    Best to all, Richard

  • John C said:

    Kathy, Chester Thompson was the 2nd drummer. I got 16, for some stupid reason I could not remember the Milan riot – doh!

    Ref Top 10 guitarists, I’m with MARK, don’t understand how Clapton is above Page. Allman, Page, and Hendrix are my top 3.

  • Richard G said:

    Hahahaha – I failed again – got em all except Rhodes…I said Crete – doh! Oh well, there’s always next time!

    By the way – those Japanese docs are mental. I think the lions have the right idea!

  • Michaela Firth said:

    I got 10 …. And feel pretty proud of that ! But yes. Must keep reading TBL. And Mark , can’t agree more! Clapton before Page … Wrong wrong wrong
    Thanks Dave!

  • Kathy Urich said:

    Dave I missed two is that exceptable? I have no idea who the second drummer was besides Phil Colins. Was it Kenny Jones???? and I thought Ahmet signed Zep. Can’t wait to see how you do Good Luck you’ll win hands down.

  • André Cruz said:

    Thank you very much TBL for keeping the zep fans always updated.
    The mail got late and I still waiting my TBL 30. No rush because the site is always amazing !

    This time the news made me sad because I saw Seasick Steve on July 7th in Lisbon and JPJ didn“t play for the first time in Portugal…
    I saw in a DVD the show they did together and it`s very good.

    Page is the number one for us and I think if he had a more constant career in the last decade should be at least in second, above Clapton.

    By the way, I really would like to have one answer about our greatest idol. In your opinion Dave, why Page doesn`t release a new record or do a new tour ? I know he did 3 live dates appearences as a guest this year, but I saw recently a interview here in Rio in 2006 and he talked about three projects – none of them was the O2 reunion. And everytime he gives an interview he says that will do new music and will do some concerts… Almost any musician in the planet would like to play with him… And at the same time we are seeing Beck and Clapton keep on theirs careers pretty well. It´s a shame ! The official site rocks but we want to see Page in a concert !!!

  • Kathy Urich said:

    The Rolling Stone Poll continues to get it wrong Jimmy Page is the #1 guitar player, he is certainly not #3. I know I’m biased but as an American this magazine continues to be an embarassment. I have never forgiven them for waiting until what,1975 befor putting this band on the cover???? This so called magazine doesn’t hold a candle to U.K. publications and Pete at #10 Pfft….

    Its is so very cool that Led IV is back on the charts. People who know I’m a fan always ask what your favorite album? That’s easy Led IV….What’s your favorite song? I can’t answer, to me the studio recording of LEDIV is a continuous piece of music and I can’t listen to any other way it’s simply brilliant. Dave I think you should go for the challenge, hell they’re probably using the concert files and other books written by yourself to formulate the questions….You would smoke em’ Always a pleasure.

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    I managed the lot though did blurt out Sweden then Stockholm – is that allowed! The good lady Janet got 5 – not bad considering the contestant only got 9! Whole lotta quiz!

  • Steve said:

    With regards the exposition on the drum opener on Rock and Roll ,am I alone in the fact that despite speaking not a word of Japanese, I completely understand what the guy is saying. Very bizare.:)

  • Philip Tattershall said:

    How many Dave? I managed fifteen.


  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    I remember getting the Atlantic question wrong as well!
    Hope I do better tonight!

  • Julian Walker said:

    Jimi should have been at number 2, no doubt about that whatsoever.

  • RichardG said:

    Will look forward to Mastermind – it’s always easier from the comfort of your own armchair obviously, but I remember someone else having LZ as their specialist subject a few years back and I got them all right except one – “Who signed LZ to Atlantic?”, I went for the obvious – Ahmet – and it was Jerry Wexler – won’t make THAT mistake again 🙂

    You’ve got to do it Dave! Just remember it’s not the one where you can phone a friend 😉


  • Mark Harrison said:

    Hmmph!! Clapton?? – They’re having a laugh!!
    As for the documentary, an all time classic!!

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