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24 May 2013 10,454 views 8 Comments

dan one

There is a host of new TBL products and offers coming your way in the coming weeks…commencing with…

10 x 8 Subscribers Exclusive Led Zeppelin at Kezar Stadium Insert:

The image above is the exclusive 10 x 8 print that every subscriber to the 2013 TBL magazines will be receiving as a free bonus with the soon to be published TBL 35. As can be seen it’s another awesome shot from Led Zeppelin’s performance at the Kezar Stadium on June 2nd 1973 – taken by Dan Cuny.

Each print will be individually numbered – these 10 x 8 prints are perfect for framing.  It’s another collectable item surrounding the launch of the TBL 2013 subscription.

And it’s yet another incentive to sign up for the 2013 subscription… which you can do at this link:

As previously mentioned, every issue of TBL 35 will be individually numbered and signed by the editor adding yet another unique aspect to the presentation.

TBL 35 is a wrap and now at the printers. Designer Mike Lowe and myself have spent a fair few hours in the last few days wrapping the final pages. It looks pretty awesome and Mick has once again done a fantastic job in bringing it all alive.

This is the line up:

preview tbl 35

Led Zeppelin 1973: On fire in Europe and bigger than ever in America:

Mike Tremaglio tracks gig by gig, the highly acclaimed European tour and the first leg of the massively successful US tour of spring 1973. This is the moment Led Zeppelin ceased to be a mere rock band and ascended into a global phenomenon. The set lists, the reviews, the ads, the whole story.

Plus Kezar Stadium ’73 – I Was There:

Four  Bay Area rock fans offer first hand accounts in words and pictures of that memorable open air show at Kezar Stadium San Francisco in June 1973.

Aubrey Powell – Creating the Art Of Led Zeppelin: The TBL Interview.

In the first part of an exclusive TBL interview, Aubrey Powell aka Po of the Hipgnosis design team explains how, along with partner Storm Thorgerson, he created the art of Led Zeppelin with the memorable album sleeve design for Houses Of The Holy.

Led Zeppelin –The Dick Barnatt 1968 Photo Shoot: TBL Investigates

The image of the young Led Zep sat atop a Jaguar car has been a lasting one –TBL investigates when, where and why this took place and goes back to the location with Dick Barnatt, the original press photographer responsible for the session.

That ‘On The Wane’ Comment – Chris Charlesworth replies:

Former Melody Maker journalist Chris Charlesworth reflects back to that famous ‘on the wane’ comment used in the Zep UK tour adverts and the Montreux concerts he attended in 1972.

Neal Preston – Digital Graffiti:

The renowned  US Zep tour photographer on the making of his new digital book Sound And Fury

Robert Plant –Space Shifting Down Under – with Patty Griffin at Rough Trade East 

Robert Plant presents Sensational Space Shifters –Down Under tour round up – plus on the spot report of his appearance with Patty Griffin at Rough Trade East

Let Me Take You to the Movies…

Part 2 of Alec Plowman’s overview of Zep’s visual history that led to the celluloid success of Celebration Day.

Nick Anderson Collector’s Column

First of a regular column by resident TBL Zep collector expert Nick Anderson which looks at the recent Celebration Day promos and rarities along with the latest Zep e-Bay in demand items up for auction.

Jeff Strawman Instrument Watch

The renowned  Zep gear expert provides the low down on the Jimmy Page Transperformance Gibson Les Paul

Plus: Led Zep Re-issue latest/Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones at the ECHO Awards/Deborah Bonham Stables MK gig review,latest news and more.


Announcing The TBL 35 Limited Alternate Collectors Cover Edition: 


To further celebrate the launch of TBL 35 , this time around we have also produced a special strictly limited alternate cover collectors edition of issue 35.

This proved to be a big success when we offered a limited edition Jimmy Page with Roy Harper cover for TBL 31.

Dan Cuny’s wonderful photos provides the perfect platform to repeat this offer.

The TBL 35 Alternate Collectors cover compliments the standard Jimmy Page cover issue which  subscribers will receive automatically.

The TBL 35 Alternate Collectors cover  showcases another of Dan Cuny’s superb Kezar Stadium 1973 photos – this time featuring a central colour shot of Robert Plant with John Paul Jones and John Bonham in view.

This version of TBL 35 is available in an individually numbered and signed by the editor run of just 300 copies.

This is a fantastic genuine TBL collector’s item – note the content inside is the same as the standard issue – the exclusivity is in the limited alternate cover.

Keen TBL completest collectors have the opportunity to invest in both the TBL 35 Kezar Stadium covers to complete a coverted set.

Single purchasers of  issue 35 can choose which cover they would like to order -or collect both!

This is sure to become a much sought after collectors item – so hurry and order now –orders will be allocated the lowest numbers as received.

You can order the TBL 35 Limited Alternate Cover Collector’s edition at this link:

All in all, the production of TBL 35, is another statement of intent on my part, to produce a physical Led Zeppelin collectable that offers unique, essential Led Zeppelin reading – to be stored and read time and time again.

These are further initiatives to enhance your enjoyment of the TBL experience.

There has been a considerable amount of hours committed to bringing this issue to you and not just by the editor. May I offer sincere thanks to all the contributors to this issue and people who helped make it happen namely Mick Lowe,Gary Foy, Mike Tremaglio, Dec Hickey, Nick Anderson, Kevin Hewick, Alec Plowman, Jeff Strawman, Dan Cuny ,David Collins Morton, David Millerand  and Gary Hodges.

As usual, it’s all come together in between the regular trials and tribulations here, but we got there in the end. God willing, I’ll keep writing them as long as you keep reading them…

As mentioned it’s at the printers now and I’ll update news of distribution in due course.

Finally to complete the TBL summer extravaganza…

Announcing the new Tight But Loose T.Shirt …. coming soon 

Be seen in the coolest Led Zep t shirt around this summer!


Not just a T shirt..more a badge of honour! Wear it with pride!

This unique design is available in a strictly limited edition – so hurry and pre-order now to avoid disappointment.

This special TBL T shirt is a Fruit of the Loom classic value lightweight quality black shirt depicting the generic Tight But Loose logo and slogan Not just a band…more a way of life…in white print on a black T. shirt. 

This is due for mid June

Pre ordering details at this link:


Looking ahead, once the TBL distribution is underway I’ll be turning my attention again to the revised edition of the Knebworth book, which is shaping up to be something special. This one has been much delayed due to various workload issues, and many thanks for your patience. More on this as it unfolds.


Gary has sent out a whole lot of emails to alert lapsed subscribers and past buyers of TBL products with details of the TBL 2013 Subscription offer…your speedy response to this will of course be much appreciated.

As it stands, the take up of re subscribers has been somewhat slow – I would hope if you have purchased previous issues you will be inspired by previous content to indulge once again. Having spent the time we have on it…the challenge ahead is for it to be read by as many fans as possible.

In summary: A lot of effort has gone in to moving the TBL magazine forward and the whole TBL proposition. We have a great line up of summer initiatives as can be seen  – central of which is the new TBL magazine.

And within it all, there’s that old fashioned thrill of actually waiting for something…and knowing when that package lands on your doorstep – the waiting will be worthwhile.

Looking over the 32 page TBL 35 proof before me, I think it will be.

Don’t miss out… and many thanks for your support.

Dave Lewis


Robert and SSS for Irish Festival Date:

rte 10

Robert Plant Presents Sensational Space Shifters have been confirmed to appear at the Electric Picnic 2013 taking place in Stradbally, Co Laois from August 31 to September 1.


 Ray Manzarek 1939 – 2013 – Trevor Bolder 1950 -2013….

Very sad to hear the passing of the iconic Doors keyboard player Ray Manzarek age 74, and former Spiders From Mars /Uriah Heep bassist Trevor Bolder age 62.

Here’s a clip of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant performing versions of The Doors Light My Fire/Break On Through on the Unledded tour in 1995…




Dave Lewis Diary Update:

Bit of difficult week here as on Tuesday Janet’s mum Betty was admitted back to hospital to monitor a jaundice condition she has developed. Betty had been doing quite well since coming out of hospital a month back so it’s a bit of a setback – they are running tests over next few days and we are hoping the jaundice level will come down.

To backtrack….It was a case of no sleep until TBL 35 last week. I was in at 2am from London last Friday and worked on sorting pics and texts to Facebook/TBL stuff until 2.45am. I was then up at  5.30am for Facebook and TBL web site updates and then it was TBL 35 text to mid-morning and at Mick’s overseeing design during day. That was followed by a two hour Skype text checking session with Mike Tremaglio in the evening …all worth it of course though I must say I was well fatigued over the weekend..…

I did revive to watch the Spurs torture at the Fox and Hounds where a 1-0 was not enough as Arsenal did what they had to do at Newcastle. As you can see by this pic I was gracious in disappointment (the pints of fosters helped numb the pain)……on the playlist This is Jimmy 1969 Last Gig and The Who Dutch Seduction CDs (thanks Phil B), and a catch up of vinyl acquisitions and old faves including Jefferson Airplane Long John Silver (I foolishly sold this yeas back just rediscovered it on eBay), Television Marquee Moon (new 180gm re issue) Dave Mason Headkeeper and David Crosby if I Could Only Remember My Name and Family Old Songs New Songs,Led Zeppelin Three Days After and David Bowie Dollars In Drag bootleg – talking of which… I’m looking forward to catching the David Bowie Five Years documentary on BBC2 on Saturday. On the wants list is the forthcoming Bobby Whitlock compilation Where There’s A Will There’s A Way – this repackages the two albums Bobby made after Derek and The Dominoes split and features Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Delaney & Bonnie amongst the guest musicians.


spurs 2

Above -gracious in defeat….Fox And Hounds May 19th, 2013.

And of course plenty of Earls Court has been reverberating around the TBL works station 38 years on…

Big day for the boy Adam as it’s his last day at school aside from attending for exams next month  Blimey, I can remember his first day as if it was yesterday. Amazingly he was up very early this morning  for end of school  japes today..ahh youth!

Have to say I am well excited at the prospect of various TBL initiatives coming to fruition – the 10 x 8 print, TBL 35, the TBL 35 Limited Alternate Collectors cover, the TBL T . shirt…  I’ve been nurturing these project for weeks on end, I have to thank TBL designer Mick Lowe once again for seeing all this through with me.

Ahead here is a week of preparing for the TBL 35 mail out with envelopes to sort and stamps to stick on – the less glamorous side of the TBL editor’s role but it has to be done and I’m the man to do it…all of which will lead to magazines dropping on doormats in over 30 countries and that is what it is all about…

fatigue 1

Tired and fatigued  TBL editor at Studio Mix Bedford on the last lap of TBL 25 text design May 17th, 2013


 Meanwhile…back in 1975…It’s that time again …..and here’s part 2 of the TBL Earls Court Archive special…




Ticket Price £1.00

So imagine waking up on a Friday morning with the prospect of over nine hours of live Led Zeppelin in store over the next three days.

Talk about the weekend starts here!

But that was the treat in store as we went to catch the train on Friday May 23rd for EC gig 3. Earlier I’d had a passport photo taken in a booth in town suitably dressed in Earls Court T shirt – I was due to fly out with my friends to sunny Loret De Mar in a week’s time.

The days in between the first two gigs had been pretty non stop. Tuesday at short notice, Fiona, Phil H and myself  went to see Swan Song artists The Pretty Things support Status Quo in Ipswich with the Atlantic rep who called on the WH Smith record department I worked in. Next day he brought in to the shop 30 copies of the limited edition UK Trampled Underfoot single – yet another bonus!. Thursday was spent soaking up the music press with the arrival of the NME and Melody Maker front covers (those cover pics were just awesome!) – The excitement just didn’t stop.

After the frantic pace of attending the two first gigs, Friday seemed a much more relaxed affair and I took much more in. The weather was good too and beforehand  Fiona and I drank a bottle of wine in Hyde Park. Then it was to SW8. The view this time was the opposite side to last week and we scrambled down a few tiers taking some empty seats. A full on if slightly distant but clear view on Jonesy’s side. From the moment Plant gave out an excited Immigrant Song ”Aha ah” squeal as Bonzo and Jimmy did the usual warm up, well it was so evident they were up for it. Fashion note: For this night only Robert wore the cherry wrap around shirt he’d favoured on most of the ’75 American tour.

”Last week we did a couple of warm up dates for these three nights. We believe that these were the first three gigs sold out, so these must be the ones with the most energy stored up because you’ve been waiting”. That opening Plant speech was met with tremendous applause.

Highlights: Another truly scintillating Page solo in Over The Hills (one of the very best ever), Plant’s You Shook Me reference at the end of In My Time, the image of Page swathed in blue light up on the screen delicately picking out The Rain Song with such lyrical finesse, Tangerine yet again so moving, the intimacy of the acoustic set and a Dazed And Confused that reverted back to the San Francisco interlude.

This time we did miss the train (a trend that would continue) and we hung around Kings Cross finally getting back to Bedford at 4.30am. It was now Saturday May 24th and this one was going to be the big one. Second row seats beckoned. Who needed sleep with that prospect ahead…?




Ticket Price £2.50

My friend Dec had queued up for these tickets for this one over night when they went on sale in March. Seven of us went from Bedford (Hi Dec,Tom and Phil!) We went shopping in Oxford Street where I brought a pair of hip mirror shades for the Lorret holiday to follow. Then it was over to Earls Court in the afternoon – one of our crew Gary Felts had made a top hat ala Slade’s Noddy Holder with Zep photos around it which got plenty of attention in the pub beforehand.

So into the arena – walking along the aisles and up to the front of the stage, well you can imagine the feeling. We were just so close to Bonzo’s drum kit-and the amp set up. It was so amazing. I was second row to the right of the stage – Jimmy was literally a few yards way. We posed for a photo in front of the stage before the show.

2 002

The photo shows the Bedford Crew in front of the Earls Court stage May 24th 1975 – DL with mirror shades and patchwork jeans, Dec with a slightly Bay City Rollerish  school scarve  Phil H with denim coat as advertised in NME and Gary Felts with custom made Zep top hat. Photo being taken by Tom Locke. We are having (one of ) the time (s) of our lives….

So what can I say – being in such close proximity to one of the highest profile gigs Led Zeppelin ever performed, well it was beyond compare really.

Images ingrained on my brain for 38 years: Watching Jimmy slither across the stage as they hit Sick Again, Plant seemingly lost in a trance right in front of us as Page did the solo in Over The Hills, dry ice seeping above us over the front rows in No Quarter (should have bottled it –imagine that on eBay!), Jimmy holding the Gibson double neck aloft during the Song Remains intro, the stand up microphones being brought out for the four part harmony of Tangerine, being so close to them clustered together for the acoustic set (incidentally listen to the various soundboard bootlegs – just before Going To California Robert introduces the song saying ‘’This is a song about the would be hope for the ultimate…for the ultimate’’ – after which you can hear a distant yelled squeal just before somebody starts whistling – that’s my squeal folks!), Trampled Underfoot and the revolving lighting creating a real sense of speed, the normally reserved Dec next to me going crazy in a manner I’ve not seen since, Page’s violin bow and going ”Ahhh’! as the lasers spiraled above us. The last few moments of Stairway as the mirrorball created that swirling spinning effect and thinking I must have died and gone to heaven!

The encores with the neon sign lighting up…Plant strutting over to our side in Black Dog and looking straight at us and smiling.

It was just too much. We left in a dazed state -how could we not? – we had just seen Led Zeppelin at the ultimate vantage point. Nothing else mattered right then.

Certainly not rushing for the train. We predictably missed the last one back and slept on the station amongst several disgruntled Scotsman –sore at the 5-1 England defeat.

Finally it was back to Bedford at 8am. The party was drawing to an end, but there was a final memorable date with Earls Court remaining…and one that final EC experience really would cement for all time my addiction for this band.


There were other events going on aside from Zep at Earls Court on that epic Saturday. In the afternoon England beat Scotland 5-1 at Wembley – a result that made for quite a few depleted and drunken Scots as we made our way to Earls Court. For the record England’s scorers were Beattie, Bell, Johnson and two from Gerry Francis. (Sorry Billy F!)

The England line up that afternoon read: Clemence,Whitworth,Beattie,Bell,Watson,Todd,Bell,Channon,Johnson,Francis,,Keegan,sub Thomas.

Can’t say Bonzo would have been too excited over this result. ”I think football’s a load of bollocks” was his no nonsense summary as they came back on for the encore.- a retort to the numerous soccer references Plant had made on stage during the gigs.

Some 24 years later history would repeat itself when I watched England triumph 2-0 over Scotland at Hampden in the Euro 2000 play offs before setting off to see Robert perform with the Priory at the Red Lion Birmingham. In stark contrast to Earls Court’s 17,000 ,there were just 300 were in the pub that night in November 1999.


 SUNDAY MAY 25 1975


So the party was nearly over. Got up at 1pm and on the train at 5. Very busy around Earls Court – the unofficial programmes and posters were doing brisk business.

We had an excellent view for this last swan song – a straight face on view on the back tier front stalls. I remember vividly Alan Freeman’s introduction ”We are here today because you and I have great taste…”.

There was a sense amongst us all of this show being the last as Plant put it in his opening speech for ”A considerable time”. ”Still there are always the 1980’s” – what an ironic statement that was to prove.

The arrival of that soundboard tape of this performance few years ago revealed that the band were completely at ease that final night. Free from the pressure of the opening gigs, clearly looking forward to their summer break and respective tax exile travels and content in the knowledge that their public acclaim at home was at a new height, well they could just lay back and enjoy it.

That’s exactly what they did performing with a great sense of camaraderie. Given that freedom, this performance easily rivaled the previous night and often exceeded it. May 24th remains my personal Earls Court favourite but May 25th was perhaps the best group performance of the five nights.

Great moments on the final run in: Page’s free form solo on over The Hills – right out there as he closed his eyes and drifted off – thoughts maybe of life in the Agadir the next week…Another refrain of You Shook Me at the end of In My Time…the San Francisco insert back in for what would be the final full version of Dazed And Confused ever played. An emotional Stairway with Plant’s moving reference to his daughter Carmen ”A song to a little girl who sits there and who wonders what it’s all about”…and then the encores.

When it was apparent they were coming back again after Black Dog we rushed down to the side of the stage and had a great view of Heartbreaker and Communication Breakdown. The latter with its stop start reggae scat signing middle section was just utterly sensational.

I’ve just watched the DVD of that encore segment – for pure out and out Zeppelin in their own world and nothing else mattered vibe – it may be the best footage of them ever captured.

”And its goodnight from him….”

Anxious not to let this Earls Court experience end, we hung around the front of the stage. Going home was not an option. We had spent some considerable hours in this building over the past week and we did not want to let it go. And there was a vague notion just maybe… well surely it can’t possibly happen but maybe we could get a glimpse of our heroes…

Incredibly, as the arena emptied we were able to walk through the black curtain at the side of the stage –with no security guards around we were able to walk unchallenged through to the backstage area which comprised of various luxury caravans.

There sitting on a limo was Robert Plant – blue sparkled jacket, white scarf and draped in bracelets and rings looking for all the world like a Greek god. Being right in front of Robert at that moment was just incredible. An unforgettable moment. After getting over the sheer shock of seeing him and choking back the tears of disbelief and sheer wonderment at being next to the singer in the biggest band on the planet and my hero – I asked  when would they be playing in England again. ”There’s a lot of traveling to do first” was his reply. We walked across to the entrance where the aftershow party was taking place with Plant and his wife Maureen and Rusty from Showco .Robert sang a few lines from Kashmir as he scuttled through the entrance. We also saw Bonzo, Jonesy and Jimmy arrived along with Chris Squire from Yes ,Bob Harris and Jeff Beck.

EC 2012 3

Above -Robert and Maureen at the Earls Court party not long after I had been in their company…

Knowing they would have to come out at some point we waited outside the party entrance. There was no way we were going anywhere until then!

About 3am I took a walk around the building and with no one around I was able to slip back into the arena –the entrance I took brought me direct onto the stage – yes incredibly I found myself on the Earls Court stage – now deserted except for some PA gear and Jonesy’s grand piano. It was an amazing feeling looking out from the actual focal point from where hours earlier Led Zeppelin had performed from. Standing where they had stood…

Eventually we saw them all leave the party at around 4am. Jimmy looking frail in white suit but keen to acknowledge the remaining fans – one of them asked how his finger was – ”oh fine now it’s so nice you all care”. Jonesy and Bonzo signed autographs and Robert looking rather out of it, was ushered through to the limos. That was our final view of Led Zeppelin at well after 4am on the morning of May 26th 1975.

…and coming down wasn’t easy!

Monday May 26th was thankfully a bank holiday and after arriving back home at 7.30am I then slept all day. The real cream on the whole week had been the fact I’d met them all and got their autographs – there was no plan of action to do that, it had just all slotted into place. Relaying it all to everyone back in Bedford was quite strange as it all appeared quite dream like. But it really did happen and I have the autographs to prove it!

Days later I was in the heat of Loret De Mar on a the Wallbanger lad’s holiday. My fellow Earls Court attendees Phil, Tom and Dec were with me and Phil brought along the tape he’d made of the May 24th show he recorded next to me at Earls Court on a primitive cassette portable. It rained once in Loret and we all piled into his room to hear the tape. A bizarre experience as Earls Court came alive again in foreign surroundings. Incidentally alongside reveling in the late night discos (one of them was called Moby Dick!), the highlight of the holiday was the batch of Zep Spanish pressing singles I uncovered in the local record shop- it just never stopped!

Once back home I began scribbling down some notes on my Earls Court experiences. -this would eventually form the basis of the Earls Court feature in the first issue of Tight But Loose. Inspired by the likes of Nick Kent and  Charles Shaar Murray, I started to formulate a feature I dubbed Earls Court Relived. As my mate Tom often says ‘’You know the rest’’

So that was the week that was – Led Zeppelin five times in the space of seven days. To say it has had a lasting effect on me is an absolute understatement. It really was the moment my life switched into colour.

There would be many memorable  episodes ahead, but perhaps nothing quite like with the sheer uncomplicated joy and optimism of that week in May 1975 all of 37 years ago.

For me and many others lucky enough to be there…they were, are and always will be the glory days of Led Zeppelin.

I was 18 years old…and I am considerably older than that now but the memories of that week 38 year ago shine ever brightly with each passing year…

Dazzlingly so…

Dave Lewis – May 25th 2012

Tangerine…to think of them again. And I do…

Trampled Underfoot…to watch jimmy’s solo here…is to watch pure genius..


Stairway To Heaven…as good as it gets…what a band!

Until next time…

Have a great bank holiday weekend,

Keep listening, keep reading…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy

May 24th , 2013.

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To view additional photos and TBL info be sure to hook up with the Tight But Loose Facebook page (add us as a friend) at!/profile.php?id=1611296783

Also follow Dave Lewis/TBL on Twitter – LedzeppelinTBL


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  • Nigel Blackwood said:

    Thanks for the reminder of Earls Court. I was at the last night…… I’d been waiting to see them since 1970 so it had been a long time when you’re only 21!. They were at the peak of their powers at Earls Court and I seem to recall them playing for nearly 4 hours! Saw them again at Knebworth – impressive but not as good as 1975. Thanks for the video clips. 🙂


  • Roger Berlin said:

    Dave the new Tight but loose…WOW
    Thank you for all
    Roger Berlin and the first
    “Led Zeppelin museum in print – Berlin”

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Spot on Vic!

  • vic morgan said:

    Best wishes as always Dave. What memories. There on that last night at Earl’s Court. Can remember that feeling of emotion, pride, awe, excitement at seeing the world’s greatest ever band play live. No internet, no videos in those days just the music and the mind blowing concerts. Were and are the greatest Led Zeppelin.

  • Jeff said:

    Looking forward to it Dave. If all goes well, perhaps you will consider an electronic release of the entire archive


  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Thanks Richard!

    Have been looking at digital options for a while – hoping it will happen ahead at some point in some way
    if I can get the right inroad on it

  • Jeff said:

    Still waiting for TBL to enter the digital age…hey, it’s worked tremendously for Neal Preston and his new book. I scooped it the moment it hit the iTunes Store.

    As the saying goes, “…now’s the time, time is now…”


  • RichardG said:

    Sorry to hear about Janet’s mum…hope she improves soon…best wishes…

    Time for a well earned rest at Totnes Towers I reckon! I’m really looking forward to all the upcoming TbL goodies – T Shirt & Collector’s cover ordered…love it!


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