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Valentine’s Day is upon us – and February 14th has been the date of a fair few Zep related happenings over the years, not least for it being the second night of their acclaimed Nassau Coliseum gigs in 1975. This show has been released as a soundboard recording, notably on Godfatherecords recent box set Throwing The Wild Seeds. The 6 CD box set also has the previous night’s recording when they were joined on stage by Ronnie Wood for an encore performance of Communication Breakdown

Amongst some slightly more romantic tunes, I’ll certainly be blasting out the Feb 14 1975 recording today. It captures Led Zeppelin just as they were on an upward curve in terms of performance with  Robert’s vocal problems recovering and Jimmy’s injured finger rapidly improving. It was the prelude to Earls Court and Andy Crofts analyses this period in his tape review feature in the forthcoming TBL 37. It makes for great reading and is guaranteed to have you searching out recordings from this era.

Here’s a look back to that celebrated Valentine’s night in 1975…


Set: Rock And Roll/Sick Again/Over The Hills And Far Away/In My Time Of Dying/Since I’ve Been Loving You/The Song Remains The Same/The Rain Song/Kashmir/No Quarter/Trampled Underfoot/Moby Dick/Dazed And Confused (inc. San Francisco)/Stairway To Heaven/Whole Lotta Love – Black Dog/Heartbreaker.

As I mentioned  Plant is beginning to regain his vocal strength after the problems early on the tour. He is also on his spieling best form developing one of those unique audience rapports he was so good at.

Witness his opening statements:

“Today is one of the last of the pagan traditions that is carried on into the 20th Century. It’s the day for throwing the wild seeds. In fact, now they call it St. Valentine’s Day… so, happy St. Valentine’s Day! I think we should dedicate this whole show to St. Valentine.”

“Tonight, we intend to take a knife and cut right through the glorious ice cream of Led Zeppelin. You get a little bit of vanilla, a little bit of chocolate, a little bit of colour and a little bit of everything”

And more..

“We came here in a state of ah, Jimmy managed to get to sleep at three o’clock this afternoon, and he was up again at four thirty. So we didn’t really know whether we had the strength to walk on the stage, but we have, and it’s feeling good. We were, we spent a few hours with St. Valentine last night, you see?”

The set list is notable for the inclusion of Since I’ve Been Loving played live for the first time since the 1973 US tour. Plant: “Who knows what it’s gonna sound like, but it’s something we really used to dig playing”. There’s a masterful ad-lib during the song where he sings the ‘I’m about to lose my worried mind” refrian and adds ”I seem to remember I used to say for five minutes”

The playing throughout is wonderfully loose and informal and there’s another great moment as Plant is introducing No Quarter” Page plays the opening notes to Train Kept A-Rollin.  “We’re going through our whole live history here, just flashing on different numbers” Plant adds.

There’s also a requests for Tangerine.  “Who’s doing this show, you or us?’’ asks Plant. ” Both of us, right!” before singing a couple lines of the song.  “I’ve forgotten the words.”

Dazed And Confused is a marathon 30 minute plus excursion and the  encore delivery of Heartbreaker leads into an impromptu  version of Elvis’ Mess Of Blues

Mike Tremaglio recalls this period: ‘’One of my friends saw this show from the 14th row. Unfortunately he could not score tickets for my brother and I – not that I held it against him as I got him tickets for the June 7th 1977 New York show. We asked him to log down all the details of the Nassau show and we did get a blow by blow account of the new songs from Physical Graffiti a full two weeks before it was released in the U.S. His recall was tremendous and I can remember him describing In My Time of Dying and Kashmir in real detail.’’

Val 6


The month of February 1975 is one of my favourite of Zep’s career – a fantastic period with reports coming back from the US in the music press, the prospect of an announcement being made of their plans to appear in the UK and the mounting excitement of the soon to be released Physical Graffiti. Back then all of this was ample reason to buy in to the Zep dream…and yup I bought into it big time.

And then the arrival of Physical Graffiti – from funk to rock, to blues to folk and back again.  It just had everything. The most complete one stop summary of exactly what made Led Zeppelin so magnificent. On this Valentine’s Day may I make the point that the whole sequence of songs on side three from In The Light through to Ten Years Gone offers more pure romanticism than any number of Barry White waxing’s. Perfect musical accompaniment for your candle lit table tonight!

So dig the Physical Graffiti album out again and I’m sure you’ll agree that they remain, as the renowned NME scribe Nick Kent noted in his review at the time “Quintessential doyens of the kamikaze dissbuster game….”

Which may not be the most romantic a description but one that remains most appropriate.


Exactly a year previously in 1974 Jimmy took to the stage to join Roy Harper. I did consider going to this but was slow on the tickets and had to make do with the consolation of Roy’s very fine album Valentine which I purchased the day it came out ( I need to sort that one out and play it today) – Here’s the gen from this one:


Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Bonham are all in attendance for Roy Harper’s St. Valentine’s Day concert. Jimmy, resplendent in a Chinese jacket decorated with hummingbirds, joins Roy’s all star band comprising Keith Moon (drums), Ronnie Lane (bass) and Max Middleton (keyboards) for numbers including ‘Same Old Rock’ (playing a Martin acoustic), ‘Male Chauvinist Pig Blues’ and ‘Home’ (playing the Gibson Les Paul) and ‘Too Many Movies’. ‘Home’ includes a cameo appearance from John Bonham who comes on strumming an acoustic guitar, dressed in a red jacket and black tights and sporting a pork pie hat. Finally, Robert Plant strolls on at the end to act as MC to declare to the crowd: “Ladies and Gentlemen – Roy Harper!!”

Some of this set was later issued on Roy’s ‘Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion’ double album. Harper dubbed this one-off line-up as The Intergalactic Elephant Band.

Jimmy Page: “We maybe played a few wrong notes here and there, but what the hell -the spirit of the thing was great.”


Fast forward to Valentine’s Day 2007. On that day Robert Plant regrouped The Honeydrippers for a special charity and birthday performance for long time soundman Roy Williams. Staged at the JB’s club in Dudley, it was a memorable night which I was lucky enough to attend.


Set List:

Mess Of Blues, Little Sister, She Little Sheila, Gonna Work Out Fine, Black Magic Woman, I’ve Been Loving You, Put A Spell On You, Big Log, Down In The Bottom,Can’t Be Satisfied, Rattlesnake Shake, Crossroads, Big Hunk Of Love, Daddy Rolling Stone, Encores: Stormy Monday/ I Can’t Quit You Babe, I’m Comin’ Home, What I’d Say.

Here’s the DL diary entry from the day after:

Honeydrippers Rockola and surprise Beckola in the Midlands:

Just back from a whirlwind stop over in Dudley to catch The Return Of The Honeydrippers charity show at JB’s Club. And quite a night it was. Mike Sanchez and The Big Town Playboys got the evening off to a suitably rocking start with an hour long set of pure roughshod rock’n’roll aided by Ricky Cool and Andy Silvester. Before the main event there was a real surprise. Jeff Beck strolled on the stage, white Telecaster in hand to perform three instrumental jams supported by a two man rhythm section with the Playboys Ian Jennings on bass. Looking for all the world like he’d stepped off the set of that famous Yardbirds club appearance in the Blow Up film, he proceeded to deliver those familiar guitar histrionics that has carved his legend. The total surprise element in viewing one of the pioneering guitarists of all time right there just a few feet away was absolutely startling. Scrubbing the axe for all it’s worth, finger picking up the fret- this was a masterclass of electric guitar playing. This man still has it … In droves.

Then followed the return of The Honeydrippers. Witnessing the singer back among friends, effortlessly guiding the enthusiastic audience through the backwaters of his record collection was a total joy. Highlights: The back to back Elvis Mess of Blues/Little Sister opening, Robert taking a backing vocal role to Mo Birch’s lead on Gonna Work Out Fine, a beautifully laid back Black Magic Woman, a nostalgic Big Log with Robbie Blunt recreating the spirit of ’83, Muddy’s Just Can’t Be Satisfied with Robert on harp and a vibrant Daddy Rolling Stone with great back up vocals from Mo and Nadia Pearson. In the encores they even did a version of Delaney And Bonnie’s Comin’ Home, one of my all time faves and a single I brought when it first came out back in 1970.

Forget The Police and anyone else rumoured to be reforming … 26 years to the day of their first gig, The Honeydrippers made this the only reunion worth talking about around these parts … and provided a memorable 60th birthday for sound engineer Roy Williams.

DL – Feb 15th 2007.

The latter statement was a bit of a long shot because at the time there were no rumours of what was to follow come December…and before we leave this story…..Happy Birthday Mr Roy Williams for today!


 Deborah Bonham Tour Dates:

deb 1 tony terot

The Deborah Bonham band have announced a string of UK dates  You can see Debbie, Pete and co in action at the following venues:

Sat 1 March COLCHESTER Little Rabbit Barn (acoustic)

Fri 7 March WIMBOURNE Tivoli Theatre

Sat 8 March MAIDSTONE Pizza Express

Fri 21 March DUMFRIES The Venue

Sat 22 March KINROSS Green Hotel

Thu 27 March SUTTON In ASHFIELD The Diamond

Fri 28 March DARLINGTON The Forum

Sat 29 March NORFOLK Blakeney Harbour

Thu 10 April LONDON Halfmoon Putney

Sat 12 April FRANCE TBC

Sun 13 April FRANCE Callac (22) TBC

Tue 15 April MILTON KEYNES Stables Theatre

Thu 17 April LEICESTER Musician

Fri 18 April NANTWICH Crown Hotel Jazz & Blues Festival

Fri 25 April STOURBRIDGE Moochers

Sat 26 April RIPLEY N.YORKS Town Hall


Fri 20 June WALES BUILTH WELLS Sonic Rock Fest


14-17 August WICKHAM TBC

17 August FRANCE Limoges TBC

29-31 August WEYFEST TBC

2-7 Sept AUSTRIA Harley TBC

Fri 3 Oct FRANCE Mellebach TBC


Fri 17 Oct NOTTS LOWDHAM Village Hall

Fri 7 Nov CUMBRIA Ulverston Sports Club

Sat 8 Nov DEVIZES Long Street Blues Club

Fri 14 Nov HULLBRIDGE ESSEX Touchline Club

More details at


TBL/ HI Fi Lounge Led Zeppelin Day:



As previously mentioned, we are linking up with the Hi Fi Lounge dealership for a one day special Led Zeppelin event being staged at the Hi Fi Lounge on Saturday March 8th

The hi- fi dealership is situated in an out of town spot in Bedfordshire. It’s in a converted granary building in the village of Dunton –just off the A1M –appropriately enough the road to Knebworth and with good links to London and the north.

The location is the HiFi Lounge, 4 The Granary Buildings, Millow Hall Farm, Dunton, Bedfordshire, SG18 8RH

Myself and the TBL crew will be on hand throughout the day and I’ll be hosting various Zep related playbacks alongside presenting various DVD footage, a Zep quiz etc. There will also be a variety of TBL products on offer and possibly a vinyl box or two.

There will also be the opportunity to view the Hi Fi Lounge extensive selection of high quality hi fi.

This has all the makings of a great day out for Zep and vinyl/hi fi enthusiasts alike. Admission is free

Important – Attendance confirmation:

To get an idea of numbers attending, if you are planning on coming along can you please e-mail me to confirm your attendance at the usual e-mail. Or confirm your attendance in the comments section below. Many thanks.

More details on this to follow  -see link at


DL Diary Update:

Staying with the Valentine’s Day theme, I have a playlist that that randomly sequences the more wistful and romantic side of Zep, Page & Plant moments –it includes Tangerine, Moonlight In Samosa, Wonderful One, The Greatest Gift, That’s The Way, When I Was A Child, Like I’ve Never Been Gone, Ten Years Gone, Come Into My Life, Down By The Seaside, Stick With Me Baby, Blue Train, I’m Gonna Crawl, Heart In Your Hand, Thank You, The Rain Song, Song To The Siren, Going To California, In The Light, I Believe, Ship of Fools, Sea Of Love, Please Read The Letter, Our Song, All My Love, Thank You etc – you get the idea.

Aside from Zep, other romantic interludes on album that I favour are Frank Sinatra’s In The Wee Small Hours, Dusty Springfield In Memphis, Joni Mitchell’s Hissing of Summer Lawns and David Bowie’s Young Americans.

I combined a bit of business and pleasure last Friday with a meet in London with Gary Foy to celebrate his imminent birthday and we then met with ex Zep guitar tech the legendary Joe Jammer to conduct an interview for the next TBL magazine. Before we hooked up with Joe, there was a stop off at the Spitalfields Market record fair – and of course there were a few fresh vinyl finds notably:

Jefferson Airplane’s 1971 album Bark with a brown paper bag cover similar to Zep’s In Through The Out Door  – a bargain £5.

The very fine Crosby and Nash album Whistling Down the Wire album and the Gary Puckett and the Union Gap 1968 album Incredible on CBS which I’ve been looking for ages -and The Bee Gees Odessa double album from 1969 – it had a slight tear on the impressive felt produced cover but at £3 it was well worth having.

Here’s the TBL two in London last Friday at the TBL car dealership where I handed over Gary’s birthday present – the new TBL staff company car…no expense spared oh yes!

gary car

We then spent a good three hours conducting the interview with Joe.

Joe worked with Zep in 1969 as a roadie and guitar tech and went on to move to the UK with help from Peter Grant and Richard Coles to form his own band. He was fantastic company and thoroughly entertained us with his tales of being on the road with Zep in 1969, appearing with the Joe Jammer Band on stage at the 1970 Bath Festival, being part of Maggie Bell’s touring band supporting Bad Company and many more.  ‘’Being close to Led Zeppelin in 1969 was like watching a freight train on steroids’’ was one of many great quotes of his – full interview in the next TBL. Here’s Joe with Gary and the TBL editor.  joe g and d

Back here this past week I’ve been beavering away on TBL 37 including a focus on German collector Roger Berlin’s amazing Zep collection of magazines – more on that soon.

Like a majority of the UK we’ve been under the deluge of the wind and rain onslaught but fortunately nothing like the atrocious flooding experienced in some areas and our thoughts are with those who been adversely affected. Here’s hoping the situation soon improves.

Playlist wise, the downbeat weather has led me to search out a couple of what I always describe as ‘winter’ albums namely Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks and Desire. Also on -the Free compilation Free and Easy Rough and Ready  on vinyl (what a band they were) and Led Zeppelin Touch & Go Toronto September ‘71 CD.

Another find at the fair I’ve been playing is the excellent Gary Farr CD Take Something With You. The late singer songwriter (brother of Rikky Farr who promoted Zep at Wembley in 71 and the Isle Of Wight festivals) recorded this album in early 1969 with members of Mighty Baby  the Blossom Toes and Spooky Tooth.

I also tracked down (thank you Dec!) Liverpool singer Beryl Marsden’s version of Bobby Darin’s I’ll be There – this used to be a staple of the Cavern Club way back in the early 60s and having finished Mark Lewishon’s simply remarkable Beatles biography of their early years Tune In, it has really hit the mark.

It’s another of my fave love songs and in keeping with the romantic theme, appropriately enough the good lady Janet and I will be attending a wedding this Saturday (congratulations Dawn and David!) which no doubt will remind us of our own back in 1984 which is coming up for a 30th anniversary next month.

As the great Burt Bacharach and Hal David put it so astutely ‘’what the world needs now is love sweet love…”

DL – February 14th, 2014   

 And finally here are some Valentine’s Day words from Robert Plant…



Until next time…Keep listening, keep reading…

Have a great Valentine’s weekend…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy – February 14th, 2014.

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