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17 May 2011 12,873 views 45 Comments

In light of the collapse of the Zep Fest 2011, I would like to take this opportunity to address the cancellation of the event and my standing within it all.

To say I was shocked when the Zep Fest web site stated the event was cancelled late on Sunday night is an absolute understatement.

It was devastating news.

To backtrack: I was offered the opportunity to appear as a guest speaker at the event back in November last year. Thus began a long running dialogue between myself with the Zep Fest Organiser Mark Boudreau. His ambitious plans for a large gathering of Zep fans together with an array of bands looked an exciting prospect. It also offered a commercial opportunity for me to spread the TBL word, offer TBL products and generally promote what I do. Having had major experience in running such events (the 1992 and 1994 UK weekend Conventions and many more one day affairs), I was also more than happy to support the event and offer my services – this would eventually lead to my involvement being branded somewhat presumptuously as ‘Premier Guest Speaker and host’’.

I also offered the TBL website as a forum for updates on the Zep Fest 2011 –though I have to say little in the way of press releases came out to indicate the progress of the event.

It’s easy to look back in hindsight and say the thing was flawed from the off. Many people have now come forward saying they had a bad feeling about it all.

Being a trusting sort and eager to meet with like minded fans and spread the TBL word, I stuck with it. I felt I could genuinely bring something to the event – enliven it with the UK contingent and enlighten the assembled with my thoughts and memories of chronicling the world of Led Zeppelin over five decades.

Of course there was a commercial angle and the opportunity to sell some stock – that is what I do –my part of the bargain is to produce quality TBL products that will enhance the attachment we all have for this great, great band that continues to provide so much pleasure in so many ways.

Call me naive but my intentions were genuine. I tend to see the good in people and despite some very vague promises, as the weeks rolled on, I hoped for the best. I found Mark B. an affable guy loaded with good intentions but his ability to offer his assurances that everything would happen as he said it would , soon began to be in question. By his own admission he was getting bogged down in it all.

In recent weeks it was evident there were major problems in the organising of the event – notably with the lack of firm travel commitments being made to the artists and guests appearing (of which I was one). Things began to escalate last week with the withdrawal of Led Zepagain ,some of the guest speakers and last weekend Dread Zeppelin.

Throughout this period I continued to try and take an upbeat optimistic view- as can be noted on my diary/blog entry of last Friday.

Not least because the TBL crew here –namely Gary Foy, Cliff Hilliard, Tom Locke, Phil Harris, Michaela Firth and Mark Harrison had made a commitment to attend the event to support the TBL cause and booked flights in the process. I also made commitment to shipping a large allocation of TBL stock to New York in preparation, including a quantity of my new book Led Zeppelin Feather In The Wind -Over Europe 1980. I also spent many hours planning my involvement, talking to Mark B. on the phone and arranging my schedule so as to be available during the event. All this impacted greatly on an already packed workload with the production of the book and TBL29 magazine and various other things going on.

My last conversation with Mark B. was last Tuesday when he assured me flight details for myself would follow. Up to Sunday nothing had happened. Late on Sunday the news began filtering through confirmed by the cancellation signs on the Zep Fest site.

That I had to find out of the cancellation in this cold hard way was a bitter pill to swallow. Given the rapport I had built with Mark B. –  I felt I deserved an explanation. At the very least an email prior to the announcement putting me in the loop. That did not happen.

So yes it was a total shock.

Having been involved  in running conventions of this nature, I can sympathize greatly on the difficulties involved and indeed have had some bitter experiences myself. I therefore share with Mark B. the disappointment that the event had to be cancelled – as I have no doubt  he put many man hours into it and wanted it to work. The cold hard reality is that his strategy proved unworkable and unethical. I would presume the ticket sales did not cover the costs of running the event. In effect I think he would agree, his plans were vastly over ambitious and there were too many broken promises.

And now comes the inevitable fall out.

Naturally for the purchasers of tickets and those that had made prior travel arrangements who I feel very sorry for.

Closer to home, the TBL crew who placed faith in the event and committed to supporting my input, no doubt influenced by my enthusiasm for it and the belief we could make commercial inroads for TBL and have something of a ball in doing so. I feel greatly embarrassed that their faith proved in vein.

And for myself. Now having to rearrange for my stock to be returned and well out of pocket financially. That is of huge concern because this is what I do for a living and anyone being self employed will know of the financial concerns when things go wrong.

And things have gone wrong to the detriment of myself and my family – indeed quite a few logistics about attending Zep Fest comprised my family life here, such as not being able to see my daughter Sam as often as I would have liked during this hectic period.

At the time of writing no explanation has come via Mark B. I have offered him the forum of the TBL web site to explain the reasons behind the cancellation and await further developments.

Some of the TBL crew willl still travel over to salvage something from it all. Me? I won’t be going anywhere. I’ll have to dust myself down and move on from what has turned into a very unsavoury episode.

Trust, integrity and morale standing are values I hold very dear and the handling of the Zep Fest Event often brought those ethics into question –perhaps at times by association at the expense of the good name of the TBL brand.

For my part – I wanted it to succeed. I did what I could for that to happen. It was out of my hands that it didn’t.

Life’s too short for huge recriminations and what is done is done. We all have to move on. Zep Fest 2011 did not happen – the opportunity to spread the TBL world overseas at the event rescinded.

However I have some fantastic products on offer this late spring/early summer. The new book Led Zeppelin Feather In the Wind -Over Europe 1980 and the accompanying limited edition t-shirt plus the new Tight But Loose magazine issue 29.

In the next couple of days we will launch the full details on the TBL site of how to obtain these items, all produced to enhance your experience and enjoyment of the world of Led Zeppelin.

Now available:

The Book: Feather In The Wind  Over Europe 1980 The Book

The T-Shirt Feather In The Wind Over Europe 1980 T – Shirt

The TBL Magazine: Tight But Loose One Year Subscription

Tight But Loose Issue 29

That’s my part of the bargain which I will do my best to uphold.

Your part is to invest in them. Your continued support of all things TBL is appreciated in advance.

Dave Lewis

May 17th, 2011

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  • Luigi Neidert said:

    This is a great blog. and i want to visit this every day of the week .   

  • LA Reddon said:

    Dear Dave:

    You, your team and your work at TBL continue to inspire and inform. Frank and I are so sorry that you, of all people, should get burned by this non-event.

    We were thrilled when Mark Boudreau first invited us to participate, too, and we happily accepted. You’re right in that he was very positive, affable and seemed to be working slavishly to make it happen.

    When the timing didn’t work because of Frank’s “real” job, we had to withdraw. In retrospect, it was a stroke of good luck (for us) but we’re both deeply saddened for the disappointed fans and for the bands, authors and others like you who made such profound commitments of time and money in good faith and for the pure love of Led.

    THANK you for your passion, Dave. Don’t think for a moment that anyone will ever think badly of you for having given your all. The failure’s not yours. You can count on us to do whatever we can to help.

    Best always,
    Frank and Lou Anne Reddon

  • sal buscemi said:

    Dear Dave you do a great job and are full of passion and I and all of us owe you for being you. I live in New York and would of loved to attend the Zep fest as I did twice once in new Jersey in 88 and in Cleveland in 1996,unfortunately The date for this year was the most traveled day in the states Memorial Day,the official start of summer and the location unfortunaetly the Nations capital where there are events scheduled and is a very popular place to go on that day,making it a traffic nightmare.the stars were not lined up.Do Not be discouraged come back to either Cleveland or New york area,actually upstate New york would be ideal as we got the 69 Woodstock site and beautiful green mountains all about a hour and a half from NYC,any asssistance in planning let me know I would love to assist.DO NOT STOP

  • Lez Zeppelin said:

    Dear Dave:

    We just wanted to extend our best wishes to you as someone everyone acknowledges as a committed, forthright and most expert member of the “Led Zeppelin Community,” as it were. We had not really been following the adventures of this convention and were not on the roster of bands to appear. However, the news of the cancellation has come to our attention, as it clearly has deeply affected many of the same fans who come to see us play.

    As such, since LEZ ZEPPELIN will, in fact, be playing a gig in the Washington, D.C. area shortly after Memorial Day Weekend, on June 18 at the State Theatre in Falls Church, we would like to extend an invitation to you, or anyone on your staff who may still be in town to come down to the show as our guests. We figure the best way to deal with the sudden drought of a “Zep Fest” is a good, hefty barrage of Zeppelin!

    Best of luck to you and TBL.
    Rock on!


  • Ian Avey said:

    Hi Dave,

    I was really sorry to hear about the cancellation.
    I don’t think the TBL name and your standing will be in any way affected as everybody knows how tirelessly you work to keep the Zeppelin flame burning.

    The new TBL is great BTW. Thanks!

  • Alan said:

    Yeah, it surprised the heck out of me too.
    Evidently way more of a mess than most of us knew.
    Thanks for providing what details you were able to provide from your closer vantage point.
    Still working on chasing down a refund of the event-ticket price. Fortunately for me, that’s all I was in for.

  • Denzepp58 said:

    Dave, as a fellow Zepp Brother all I can say is keep the faith and rock on…stuff happens..Peace…

  • Mick Bulow said:

    Hi Dave
    I’m very sorry to hear about the cancellation of Zepfest. However remember:-

    Led Zeppelin is Rock Royaly.
    Tight But Loose is Fan Club Royalty.

    You are the person who always delivers, always keeps the Zepp flame burning and always goes the extra mile to ensure that we the fans get what we crave for in terms of everything Zepp related.
    I am salivating to see the latest TBL, can’t wait to read the book and if a London convention happens I’ll be there in a shot because I know how good it will be.

    Thanks for everything you do, Dave (and Gary!).
    A proud member of the TBL crew!


  • Melbourne Michael said:

    Hi Dave,
    I fully support all the positive words above.

    I reckon that the TBL brand and your good name will not suffer one bit from the Zepfest 2011 debacle. Your integrity is both well known and keenly appreciated world wide.

    On a practical note, I’m with Hong Kong Damian – please keep the generous discounts you’ve offered TBL subscribers for the much anticipated new book. This TBL supporter, for one, is delighted to offer some more support to you and TBL in the light of this setback.

    More power to your arm, my friend.

  • Klaus Stocker said:

    Sad to hear those news and what a disaster this means for you and all the people involved at the TBL Camp. Thanks for the background information and yes, people of the good-willing, trusting sort always take the hard way. But please keep up the good work. Book order follows soon. KLAUS

  • Dean Malinger said:

    Dave, I know whatever is said can’t take back what has happened, but I was suspicious of Zep Fest 2011 way back when it first launched. On their first webpage back in October 2010, they included a trademark (TM) symbol on “Zep Fest 2011”. When I contacted them and pointed out that no such trade mark registration exists on the US trademarks database (, they then removed that claim from their webpage without a response. I then searched the DC state records databases for any business registered as “Zep Fest 2011, LLC”. There is no record of such a company. At first I thought as the company was still young, the registration may not have gone through at that time, but when I checked back last month there was still no record. This sent alarm bells ringing that they were not up front with the truth.

    I feel sorry for the people who are now out of pocket. I know you will bounce back Dave.

  • Kathy Urich said:

    Dave, I’m so sorry this fell through for you professionally and on a personal note in terms of time and sacrifice. While I have not had the pleasure of meeting you in person, we have shared many an e-mail and you have always responded to me politely and professionally. Your passion for sharing Led Zeppelin with the world is inspirational and infectious. Lending your name and the TBL brand to a project such as this was an extension of that passion. The integrity of the TBL brand is impeccable. You have my continued support in terms of my ongoing need to purchase all things TBL. You’re the best.

  • Charles said:

    As a longtime attendee to the TBL gatherings in the 90’s, I know that Dave had nothing but the best intentions for 2011. The past London gatherings were always fun and provided great memories (heck even the Grant Burgess Zepfest of ’98 was a very good time).

    To all those due refunds, start with your credit card – even a disclaimer about “bearing all risk, even cancellation” is a bunch of junk. I know AmEx would issue a refund in a heartbeat. Those stuck with plane tickets and hotel reservations, well that’s more difficult.


  • Michael Brazee said:

    I won’t reiterate all the positive comments you have received. We all know they are true. It’s such a shame the way this transpired. I got an e-mail from MissionTix who will be refunding the ticket price. I don’t even mind if they keep the handling fees.
    The excitement I had in anticipation was great. The letdown not so great.
    My wife and I are still going to DC that weekend and we will still have a great time. It is such a wonderful city to visit.
    This was to cap off a good winter and spring. Saw JBLZE twice, Robert Plant and a Zep Tribute band. ALso just saw the Rascal’s. It was certainly Good Lovin’. This would have been the icing. I still have the Rochester (NY) International Jazz Fest next month, which is incredible.
    At least I have TBL to look forward too and the new book.
    Take care and thanks for your support in all things Zeppelin.
    You and your cronies are one class act.

  • Jonathan Sutton said:

    Well I suppose it wouldn’t have turned out like this if Peter Grant had been around to organsise it………….

    Looking forward to the new book and the cancellation is certainly no reflection on you or TBL.In fact,it just makes TBL stand out even more as THE quality avenue for Zep-related stuff.

    The school of thought echoed elsewhere says a “Home Grown” Zep Fest run firmly under the TBL banner is what is required.If Marillion can fill a Butlins for a weekend then what are you waiting for…?


  • Marcus Porche said:


    It would never have crossed my mind to doubt your integrity. From your output over the years, anyone could establish it’s Zeppelin that really maters and your love of their music that motivates you.

    And no-one has been as key as yourself for carrying the torch even in the years when Zeppelin were not the flavour.

    So thanks for not being motivated by the business side of things and ensuring that the name Dave Lewis is linked with Led Zeppelin for all the right reasons and such ensures quality and intergrity.

    I will be putting my money where my mouth is.


  • shelfsidemark said:

    Can only echo and concur with all above sentiments.
    Don’t know who or what JPP is/are but 20 million ($’s)
    sounds a hell of an ammount.
    Regarding the Great British Beer Festival get together….
    I’m there every year and always wear a Zep shirt on the 4th
    or nearest day.So,there’s at least 3 of us going Phil !
    Can arrange a rendevous nearer the time.Can’t see any details
    about this years music yet.

  • Michaela Firth said:

    Please , out of this mess , please recognise this is not your fault , you have nothing to feel bad about and I hope you feel a sense of appreciation , fondness and gratiudefor all YOU do for all of us Zep fans
    You’ve gone into to this, as we must do in life , with optimism , ambition and passion
    Something that no one can take from you and inspires others

    Let’s all try to salvage what we can and make the launch of your fantastic new book the hit it should be
    And let’s make a London event one to top anything done before
    You’ve lots of us who will do whatever we can to support you

    The best revenge is living well…… And you will!

    We love you Dave and Janet. Michaela x
    A very privileged member of the TBL crew xx

  • Dawn Atherton said:

    Dave – thank you for a reasoned yet heartfelt article. As others have said, you have nothing to feel bad about, I am only sorry for you and the other people who have suffered disappointment and financial loss as a result of this débacle. I deliberated about going to ZepFest but decided against it in the end, due to the cost of flights, hotels etc – on top of what seemed like a very pricey ticket to the event itself, I decided to save my pennies.

    The TBL family will still continue, I think the comments on this page show just how passionately we feel about the fantastic work you do in keeping the flame alive of the greatest band ever. I too would fully support a TBL weekend gathering in London – it would be wonderful to get together with friends old and new, chew the fat and raise a glass in celebration of Led Zeppelin and the impact it has had on all our lives.

    Good luck with the book, and I for one am looking forward to the next edition of the TBL magazine. Onwards and upwards, Dave!

    All the best,

    Dawn x

  • Doug Sargent said:

    not that it matters since by buying the ticket you assumed ALL risk, including cancellation. But they say point-of-purchase and that is out of Baltimore. Just spoke with good friend from DC and there IS NO WAY TO HOLD AN EVENT OF THAT MAGNITUDE IN DC ESPECIALLY NEAR NATIONAL HARBOR. Now Reston, VA? Maybe.

  • Robert A said:


    Your still the number one source of quality Zep info. Stay above the fray. If you eveer need help here in the States, let me know

    Robert A.

  • Doug Sargent said:

    This is puzzling. Back in March on twitter they were bragging about Grammy winners and R&R HOFers. First of all of the hotels listed on knew anything about this event. They claimed to have 100’s of bands lined up. Where in DC could these events actually take place? This promotion has never been on our DC radio stations. The only place I’ve seen it is facebook, myspace and twitter. Consider this line from the site conditions for ticket holders, “Ticket user bears all risks, including cancellation of the event and of inclement weather.” Refunds my patootie.

    Dave I trust you, but this seems more like a massive fraud of fleecing the faithful, than gross incompetence. JPP estimated they raised over 20 million. And where are they now? Are they not men?

  • Steve A. Jones said:


    You can count on my support for the book, the t-shirt, the fanzine and any other products, projects or gatherings you offer in future.

  • Jim Sloane said:

    Had this got off the ground it would have been a fantastic event – such a shame but at least a try was made. I would have loved to have been able to go and had I had the cash I would have supported such an event.

  • Alan H said:

    sorry to here about the cancellation,have to say i agree with
    an event in london.having been to the ones in 92 and 94 i would be totally up for a led zep weekend.looking forward to the new magazine
    and book cheers

  • Larry Bergmann said:

    Dave, thank you for your comments. I feel bad for you and any others who made commitments to this event. To be out of pocket over it has to be very frustrating to say the least. And to have to find out about its cancellation the way you did…that is ridiculous and inexcusable.

    You have nothing to be embarrassed over. The TBL brand is impeccable and your work speaks for itself. And having twice traveled across the pond to attend one of your events (1992 and 2008) I can personally attest to your drive, commitment and ability to pull them off. I think all regular followers of TBL know that you were not the organizer, you were merely to be a guest at this proposed event and you’ve been burned along with anyone else who has suffered this fiasco.

    I don’t know Mr. Boudreau at all, but I do live just across the river from the National Harbor and there have been whispers about the shakiness of the enterprise almost from the word go. I’m sorry to see it cancelled as it would have been great for all these fans to come together and celebrate the music and legacy of Led Zeppelin. But even if it had occurred, as it also had the makings of a major letdown for all concerned perhaps it’s better in the end that it never took place.

    All that said, the TBL flame still burns brightly, as it has since 1978 (!), and as ever you have my support and my thanks. Chin up Dave!

    Larry B

  • Suzep said:

    Dave, So glad you posted your view of the Zepfest cancellation.
    Goes to show what an honest guy you are.
    I have always had great respect for you, I can tell that your heart is truly in it. Such a shame this is for so many.
    Keep it coolin’ and know that you have many who appreciate what you do.


  • Sharon Bond said:

    I knew you had been very involved with ZepFest from the beginning. I was so pleased to read your response. I have been anxious to hear something from somebody… this has been devastating for so many, including myself. I bought my ticket within the first 24 hours they went on sale. I’ve been looking forward to it for months. Anxious not just to see the bands, but to meet you and many others. (I subscribe to TBL and was also anxious to see what all you would have there.) With that all aside, I was totally shocked to hear this news. I can’t imagine the impact on not only the fans, but on the bands, venue, the guest speakers, vendors, etc…. I think we all deserve an explanation….I’ve not attempted to get a refund on my ticket yet but I’m hoping that will be possible. As for you Dave, I am very sorry… the arrangements that you had made and the work that you have done, was all for nothing…. and don’t worry Dave, this will not reflect back on you… People will understand and I’m sure, like me, will feel bad for what has happened to you. Hang in the Dave, I only wish you the best of luck. Keep us posted regarding your book. Thank you for your info.

  • Lorraine Robertson said:

    Hello Dave
    Im so sorry to hear of this cancellation…what a blow!!…andto so many but knowing you Dave you will rise above this and come out the other end like the shining star you are.
    I think Steve Way has a great idea about an event in London…perhaps its worth consideration for the future.
    Looking forward to the new book, new TBL and seeing my old pal smile again!!
    L ♥.

  • Philip Tattershall said:

    I wasn’t planning to attend, but I was still very surprised and disappointed that Zepfest was cancelled at such short notice. Having been peripherally involved in the organisation of the 1994 London Convention, I know that to succeed, an event like this needs committment, energy, a dash of reality, a modicum of business acumen and above all, undying enthusiasm for all things Led Zeppelin. None of us know the full story, but it looks as if at least one of these vital ingedients was missing here.

    Yes, a proper London event at some time would be a good idea. In the meantime, the previously discussed informal Led Zep gathering at the Great British Beer Festival will take place on Thursday 4th August (Knebworth anniversary day) at Earl’s Court. Most of you will know that this important landmark in Zeppelin history is scheduled for demolition next year, so it may be the last opportunity for we faithful to pay homage.

    A significant turn out is already assured…. (well, at least two of us will be there – my mate Eric and me – both Ally Pally, Earl’s Court and Knebworth veterans). Let’s see if we can swell the numbers; Eric and I hate drinking alone.

    Finally, Dave, the Zepfest cancellation must have been a huge blow to you personally. I’ll do my best to lift your spirits by renewing my TBL subscription, buying a copy of Tour Over Europe 1980 and treating you to a beer on 4th August if you can make it. Every other reader of the TBL web site should commit to doing the same, because we owe you big time for all your efforts over the years.



  • Chris Wright said:

    Almost anyone who runs their own business will eventually become embroiled in a situation where an individual(s) let’s you down, often through mismanagement of their own ambition, and you end up out of pocket when all you have done is the right thing and been appropriately trusting and businesslike. It has happened to me, whereby the vision of certain people has exceeded their means to fulfill it. Ultimately one learns from these experiences and, as painful as it is right now for you Dave, I am certain that you and the TBL brand will be stronger for this unfortunate experience. It is typical of you, as a person of the utmost integrity, that you are still willing to cut the organiser more slack than he seems to deserve. This unsavoury incident has cost a lot of people, across continents, a great deal of money and massive inconvenience. It has, quite literally, been a tragic case of Communication Breakdown, on the part of the organiser.

  • Dave Roberts said:

    Hi Dave,

    I am glad to see you are remaining positive. Having met you on several occasions, it is clear that that you promote the positive, and down play the negative. Mark B sounds like an individual that does not accept responsibility, rather go quiet and hope the issue sorts itself out. For the event to be cancelled this late in the day is inexcusable. I can imagine this has had a negative impact on the financials. I look forward to the new book on the 1980 European tour. As always I will order a copy of your work. Best of luck.


  • abbey road on the river said:

    Dave, we produce two long established Beatles tribute festivals; one is in Dc at National Harbor. We have followed all of this quite closely, and learned alot about Zep from you these last months. I am very, very sorry this happened to you. Mark worked for our event in a staff position. We were astonished by his plans, because we knew they were not possible for a 1st year event. I truly believe a huge part of his motivation was to some how beat us, and in the process beat everyone else, and of course now, himself.

  • Simon Cadman said:

    Truly shocking news, Dave. It’s absolutely no reflection on you. Agree totally with Steve – when the time is right for you, show ’em how it’s done. Just believe, and you can’t go wrong… Keep your pecker up!

  • Mark Harrison said:

    Ok My two pence worth if I may
    There is no doubting your integrity Dave. I know of NO ONE who is more enthusiastic and knowledgeable regarding this mammoth band. Let’s face where else would we read about them? It’s only his supreme enthusiasm that gives us something worthy to look at and read. The rest provide mere tittle tattle. Rest assured Dave knows his subject inside out and I love him for it. Yes this a blow but he’s recovered from worse. I’m here to help you mate, as always

  • Hong Kong Damian said:


    Sometimes bad things happen to good guys. Know you to be decent bloke trying to do the best for your immediate family and your global TBL family. Fully support the other comments calling for the TBL family to rally round. Was always going to and will still by the new book but forget the five pounds discount. I call on all other book buyers to do the same. If we all do a small bit perhaps we can help Dave cover his losses. Remember that ‘upon us all a little rain must fall’ but after that it is ‘the summer of my smiles’. Want to see a new photo on the Web soon of the famous Lewis grin!

    All the best from the Hong Kong Zep outpost.

  • Swin said:

    Sorry to hear about the zepfest cancellation! I for one can’t wait for the new book and the latest TBL magazine.Keep up the great work Dave.EVERONWARD!

  • Cliff Hilliard said:

    Hi Dave,
    I like you, were really gutted when I heard on the cancellation late on Sunday evening from my dear friend Mark Harrison.

    As a lucky person to be included in the “TBL Crew” I know from first hand experience how passionate you are when it comes to Led Zeppelin and all associated solo projects. Thanks to your drive and enthusiasm over the past decades, thousands of older Zeppelin fans and many new younger fans around the world have benefited from tireless work through your quality books and TBL publications….I definitely include myself in this bracket.

    We are all out of pocket thanks to Mark Boudreau and his over ambitious plans. It’s quite outstanding and very unprofessional that Mark couldn’t find the balls to call you before announcing to the world his failure and cancellation of the event.

    We will dust ourselves down and distance ourselves from this “mess” and concentrate on re-building the trust for future Zeppelin projects.

    I agree with Steve Way….”London Calling” …lets put on a show celebrating the worlds greatest rock band in the country of their birth. I know I’ll commit myself 100% to the project

  • Patrick Cullen said:

    Dave – as an attendee of the GREAT 1992 Convention I can say that you know exactly how pull off a very successful event – ’92 was one of the main musical events of my life !

    I did think about going to Zepfest but it was looking a little too pricey for me so I passed but I feel sorry for those that have lost money – yourself included.

    I was tracking this on RO and found your account most interesting

    REALLY looking forward to the new TBL and the ’80 book !

    Keep Going !

  • Kam said:

    Really sorry to hear about this Dave, I know how much you were looking forward to it and how important it was.

    I agree with Steve Way, maybe once the fallout has settled down its time for you to consider organising a London event on a less ambitious, but realistic scale to Mark B. Theres enough of us here to help with it, but it’s all easier said than done.

    I’m sure the guy did it with the best intentions, and your offer to use this site as an opportunity for him to explain is something he should be thankful for.

  • RichardG said:


    Firstly, you have nothing whatsoever to apologise for. Having met you a few times over the past 18 months, without hesitation I’d confirm your intentions and enthusiasm for all things Zep is beyond reproach and as you say, it’s out of your hands.

    I’m sure Mark’s intentions were also good and honourable, but the size of the undertaking coupled with difficult financial times we’re in has been overwhelming, resulting in the unfortunate news of the last few days.

    I hope those who have decided to travel anyway manage to salvage something as Washington is a fabulous city I’m told. I’m sure there are a lot of people who will still venture over as cancelling flights etc. this close to the travel date probably means refunds are unlikely, so do your best to enjoy the trip. I had seriously considered attending myself, but couldn’t make it work financially and I’m sure many others found themselves in the same position.

    Secondly, as others have noted, you have all the support from those of us in the TbL community (that, let’s face it, only exists because of you and your dedication), and now more than ever, it’s time for us to show our support in cold hard cash… So I’d like to ask any casual visitors to this site, don’t keep skimming the website, put your money where your mouth is and at the very least, take out a subscription and buy a book – I guarantee you won’t regret it!

    Best to all…


  • Glen said:

    Shocked the event was a non starter. I’m certain Dave and all who put so much of themselves into this will bounce back. I echo others in urging all Zeppelin fans to always support the cause by purchase of the books, magazines etc – not only are they fan essential items, they are quality products at an affordable price!! Looking forward to Feather in the Wind. (and issue 29 .. watching my letter-box).

  • andrew R said:

    Ihave already given support privately on this matter directly to Dave.
    Iwould like however to encourage fellow TBLers to get behind Daves new book, as a way of picking him up.Knowing him as i (think)i do it wont just be the loss of a valuable platform for the new book, he really believes in Zeppelin and its fanbase.I cant imagine the unpleasant taste it must have left in his mouth.There is no finer keeper of the Zep flame than Dave and we should all cherish him!
    Please all show your support. Thankyou

  • Steve Way said:

    Calling all Led Zeppelin music lovers.
    Knowing Dave Lewis for as long as I have, as a dear friend- Dave would have put his whole heart soul and pocket into supporting this event.
    the two events that Dave put on in London,in the 90’s not only forged friendships and in fact changed my life, but were also the benchmark for which sadly others aim for but fall short.

    nothing can recoup what the whole TBL crew have spent on this collapsed event, however…..

    i reckon with all the quality products keeping the focus on Led Zeppelin, that Dave has coming out in the next few months, if all visitors to this website-including each and every american zepp fan that pays a visit to TBL for news etc buys the superb book etc some how or another-there can be a recuperation of the losses incurred.

    so…..come on support Dave Lewis and his TBL crew, a great zepp institution.

    one final thought

    Dave, maybe its time to show the world how to put on a great Zeppelin event again….London Town is waiting

  • Gary Wade said:


    Very sorry to hear about this and hope you haven’t suffered too much financially . i think you’ve said it all, in business you get let down sometimes and we all know you would only act in good faith. it’s probably a salutary lesson that some people don’t have the same morals as yourself.

    Take care and looking forward to buying the book and the next copy of the mag


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