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28 January 2011 10,216 views 4 Comments

The Yardbirds and Vanilla Fudge are the latest additions to the attractions at the Zep Fest 2011 event being staged in Washington DC on May 27th to 29th.

TBL has also linked up with Zep Fest to offer an exclusive Zep Fest ticket and hotel discount for TBL magazine subscribers only.

If you are a current 2011 TBL subscriber and you are planning to visit the Zep Fest we can offer the following discount price:

$250.00 (a $75 reduction) for 3-day tickets

$139.00 (a $35 reduction) for 1-Day tickets

Zep Fest has also arranged for TBL 2011 subscribers a price concession at the Westin Hotel (which is on the National Harbor Property) for a $149.00 per night room rate.

If you are a 2011 TBL subscriber and want to take up the opportunity of this Zep Fest offer, in the first instance please send an email acknowledging your interest to Dave Lewis at

We will then provide the details you will need to apply for the reduced rates.

* This offer applies to TBL subscribers who have signed up for the 2011 magazines –issues 29, 30 and 31. If you have yet to re-subscribe for 2011 you can do so from this link:




January 12, 2011

On January 8 at 11:59 PM Tupelo, Mississippi time and until January 9th 12:01 AM we released the artists for “WAVE” IV

We called this “WAVE” – “If Not For…..”

3 Nights with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members


The Yardbirds are: Jim McCarty drums, Ben King lead guitar, Chris Dreja rhythm guitar, Andy Mitchell lead vocals/harmonica, David Smale bass guitar.

By now, everyone knows the Yardbirds legend, if not their music; the band graduated three of the great Ph.D.s of rock guitar: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. They created hard rock out of standard twelve-bar blues, doubling the tempos and whacking the amps up to ten. On the British club scene, the Yardbirds, the Animals, and the Rolling Stones ruled the stages. The Yardbirds expanded the range of the electric guitar, experimenting with feedback, sustain, and fuzztone. They also coined and popularized the rave-up, a kind of free-for-all where you jam long and hard, not as soloists, but in a tandem, until you reach an epiphany about 10 or 20 or 30 minutes later, a shuddering climax of decibels and pure energy, and then—back into the song for one more boom-boom chorus. The Yardbirds were the bridge between the tributary white R&B of early-sixties London and the pastures of fuzz-toned psychedelia and power-chorded heavy metal plowed much later in the decade and throughout the seventies. Yes, the Yardbirds laid the groundwork for Rock Guitar As We Know It.

from Parke Puterbaugh liner notes to Rhino’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, 1964-1966


We won’t attempt to write a book on the Yardbirds here; that’s already been done — three times. We’ll simply reiterate that the Yardbirds, perhaps more than any other group, brought guitar pyrotechnics to rock & roll in the 1960s. By introducing Clapton, Beck and Page to the world, and giving them plenty of space to create, the band set the template not only for Cream, the Jeff Beck Group and Led Zeppelin (whose original moniker was the New Yardbirds), but for virtually every rock group featuring distortion, feedback and in-your-face electric-guitar virtuosity.

Now, that remarkable achievement would be more than enough for any band to fondly look back on, but this band is aggressively moving forward. Three years after their 1992 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (“We had roast duck,” Chris Dreja says of that special night), the Yardbirds reformed, but they chose to stay below the radar, tweaking their lineup and working up material. That has changed with the release of their first new studio recording since 1967’s Little Games. What’s surprising about the new longplayer, Birdland (on Steve Vai’s Favored Nations Records), is that, a full 35 years later, the sound remains distinctly and electrifyingly that of the Yardbirds. It’s also very much of the moment, as another generation of gritty, guitar-slinging units like the White Stripes, the Hives, the Strokes and the Vines connects with the reinvigorated rock audience.

The Yardbirds tradition of working with musicians of extreme individual talent and potential has lead them to passing the guitarists mantle to a new generation of player.

Beck, Clapton, Page & NOW: Ben King –

“Twenty one year old Ben King has stunned everyone in the band with his unbelievable natural gifts and feel for our music. Ben will undoubtedly be a future star that we are proud to have discovered and we are very excited to have this young and brilliant prodigy in our ranks.”


for MUSIC, INFO and More!!

2 Nights with:


Vanilla Fudge jamming with Robert Plant -Stourbridge Rock Cafe  February 2004 – photo by  Stephen Bottrill

See report at more at

Vanilla Fudge has been cited as, “one of the few American links between psychedelia and what soon became heavy metal.”

In early 1967, a group of four musicians,Vince Martell, Mark Stein, Tim Bogert, and Carmine Appice collectively called The Pigeons was busy playing the Long Island (NY) club scene. When Tim Bogert and Mark Stein took the idea of taking the Supremes’ hit You Keep Me Hanging On, slowing it down, making it heavier and adding even more soul to it (if that was possible- it was), back to the band, the world of Rock & Roll was about to be turned upside down.

Atlantic’s Ahmet Ertegun signed the band in the spring of 1967 to ATCO Records, under their new name, “Vanilla Fudge”.  Ertegun insisted that the original one take recording of “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” be pressed to disc, and released it on June 2nd 1967, along with their self-titled debut album.

The dawn of 1968 saw Vanilla Fudge headlining a bill at the Fillmore East with the Steve Miller Band. A week later they performed “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” on the Ed Sullivan television show.

The band toured constantly across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. They also made several other appearances on television in 1968 including the Beat Club and Wonderama TV shows. Starting on the 17th of August in Atlanta, Ga., Vanilla Fudge did a western tour as the opening act for the Jimi Hendrix Experience. It was one of many attempts by the band to gain more exposure on the West Coast. In the fall of 1968, they opened several dates for Cream’s farewell tour, as well as sharing the bill with “The New Yardbirds”, who would soon change their name to Led Zeppelin.

When Vanilla Fudge split, bassist Tim Bogert and drummer Carmine Appice remained together, forming a band called “Cactus”, before abandoning their creation in favour of Beck, Bogert and Appice, along with Jeff Beck. Appice also did a lot of session work, recording often with Rod Stewart. Stein worked with Tommy Bolin and Alice Cooper before forging a new career composing advertising jingles, while guitarist Vince Martell later appeared in the Good Rats, a popular Long Island bar-band.

On October 15th, 2006 the Vanilla Fudge was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame along with other prominent musical figures , such as George Gershwin, Harry Chapin, Perry Como, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Joan Jett, Peter Criss of Kiss, Twisted Sister and Billy Joel, to name some…

This fantastic, influential, ground-breaking band will be at Zep Fest 2011 for two days! FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!!

AND, they will be doing an additional ‘secret’ VIP show……stay tuned


SONY/Red Recording Artists – TC KROSS

TC Kross is a perpetual powerhouse. There is no doubt she is in her element performing with artists such as Teddy Cook (Ronnie James Dio), Al Pitrelli (Alice Cooper, Trans Siberian Orchestra & MEGADETH), Gary Saint (Tangier), Dave DeFeis (Virgin Steele) and the infamous Pamela Falcon (NY Nights @ the Riff Club in Germany).

Kross is endlessly sought out by other artists aspiring to create with her, including songwriters and producers such as Al Fritsch and Mark Mangold (Cher, Fiona), who also produced TC‘s first CD “On The Edge“.

TC has written songs,collaborated and played with artists like Viet Renn (N Sync & the Backstreet Boys), Gina Stile & Roxy Petrucci (Vixen), to name a few.TC Kross co-produced her new self-titled CD ‘TC KROSS’ with Tom Cavanagh (Lita Ford), along with Mike Watts (Saliva) who co-produced “Heavens Dance” at Vu Du Studios. The CD’s catchy rock tunes and eclectic styles cut like a razor. Kross brings a fresh sound and arrangement to The Beatles classic “Eleanor Rigby” by Lennon & McCartney. “Hang Over” is already a favorite with the college crowds, while the ballad “Heavens Dance” is a cross-over that has audiences lighting up cell phones & lighters at TC Kross’ live shows. The CD, distributed by SONY/RED, dropped at retail November 9th and within a week ranked #36 on StreetPulse’s ‘Top 50 Albums from Independent Retail’ chart.

3 nights with the Over the TOP – TC KROSS

And also from the “Island”


With a sound that’s like a chopped salad of Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, and Buckcherry, Craving Strange serve up edgy yet poppy original rock to your ear holes.

Yea….can ya taste it….with your ear holes!!!!!

Based in NY, Craving Strange formed in 2008 combining personal and musical backgrounds in rock, pop, alternative, and metal to create music that was intense, fun, diverse, and infectious at the same time.

The songs are filled with musical and lyrical hooks, driving rhythms, and honest, thought provoking lyrics. The band itself is a group of creative, talented musicians all working together to give each song its own space and life. Craving Strange has created a sound that is familiar yet totally their own.

From Staten Island, NY

The Headlocks are an Americana rock band out of Staten Island, New York who entertain audiences wherever they go. Rob Carey’s vocals and harmonica seem to reverberate from the same chamber as some of the best Classic Rock has to offer, while the simple structures of their catchy songs allow the band to pulsate in sonic joy.

They have been critically compared to The

Racaunteurs, The Felice Brothers, Arcade Fire,

The Decemberists, Dutchess and The Duke, as

well as rock luminaries such as The Rolling

Stones, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, The

Beatles and Bob Dylan. The album Cuckoo Bird

is now in its second physical pressing and continues

to garner local, national and international

press and college radio airplay.


Asbury Park’s own


Jersey Shore native Laura Crisci recently made her return from Nashville back to her home town of Asbury Park, NJ. Upon returning, her long time friends and fans convinced her it was time to dust off her guitar so she gathered up the “Laura Crisci and Whoever Shows Up” Band and recorded her debut album “All Is Well” which is already receiving rave reviews. On July 1, 2010 she began her “All Is Well …In The World” Tour in Amsterdam, France and Italy. She plans on returning to perform throughout Europe again in early 2011.

Laura has an extensive history of playing with the best of the best from the Jersey Shore. Crisci’s original performances have been backed by many veteran players from the shore including former Springsteen members Danny Federici, Vini Lopez, Bob Alfano, and Gary Talent, as well as Bob Burger, Bobby Bandiera and Tico Torres from BonJovi. Always fun, intelligent and thought provoking, Crisci’s unique style and sound are a breath of fresh ocean air!




Mr. Smith was an original roadie for Led Zeppelin. He was friends with Steve Tyler of Aerosmith. He had previously worked for Chain Reaction (Steven Tyler’s band), The Stranguers, The Yardbirds and The Jeff Beck Group road crew, staying behind with the equipment. His first trip with The Yardbirds was the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars, which featured the Yardbirds, the Shangri-Las, and the Mothers of Invention. He later worked as tour manager with Aerosmith, Roberta Flack and was set to be John Lennon’s tour manager for a 1980-81 tour, but Lennon was killed.



In addition to peforming Mr. Dreja will also be a Featured Speaker at ZeP Fest 2011

“Some people may know me as a photographer and others as

a musician with the band the Yardbirds, a band I helped to

create in the Sixties.

The Sixties were in so many ways the most glorious of

decades, especially in the creative sense. Whilst there were

some seriously dark events, it was also one of those unique

periods in history that a young generation changed the status

quo. Youth rose up, rebelled and transformed a depressing

and dismal post war era forever. I am eternally grateful to

have been part of that movement and, unbelievably, I

remember most of it in great detail.

The Sixties optimistic atmosphere and philosophy of we can

do anything and be anything, allowed me to fearlessly pursue

and indulge in my two constant and life long passions, music

and photography. So as you can tell, I’m not a Sixties denier.

It’s good to be able to move diagonally, as oppose to just up

and down in life.

Validation of ones work and career choices in the form of

some sort of award or other are always an honour to receive.

To be inducted into the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

and to receive an award from the UK’s Designers and Art

Directors Association has certainly been a vindication of

early detractors who felt I should get a proper job.

I continue to work in music and photography.”

✱ We are working on a planned Exhibit of Mr. Dreja’s photogrpahs – stay tuned for updates & more info



James McCarty was one of the founding members of one of the seminal British Invasion groups, the Yardbirds. After leaving the group, he formed the progressive rock outfit Renaissance with Yardbirds vocalist Keith Relf. McCarty left Renaissance in 1973; he wrote material for Dave Berry and Dave Clark, among others, before attempting to re-form Renaissance in 1976. Sadly, the band’s plans were destroyed by Relf’s death in 1976; the group continued as Illusion. In 1983, he joined former Yardbirds Chris Dreja and Paul Samwell-Smith as Box of Frogs.

In the late ’80s, McCarty launched his own solo career, which has produced four albums that meld his blues-rock heritage with new age philosophies and musical textures.

“By the time Keith and I left Renaissance I was getting to really enjoy song writing. I began singing too, which was a bit strange, but I have quite got into it! I taught myself how to play guitar chords and a bit of piano. I’d always had a lot of ideas, always heard a lot of things in my head and that got to be quite good. I thought it would be nice to do a whole album of songs that I’d written.”


ALL 3 members of Vanilla Fudge will also be FEATURED SPEAKERS:


Mark Stein is the lead vocalist, keyboardist, composer, and arranger of Vanilla Fudge.  Mark first founded Vanilla Fudge in 1966 at the age of 18 with members Tim Bogert, Vinny Martell, and Carmine Appice. In the short time they were together the band enjoyed their first giant success with their first Atco album release self-entitled Vanilla Fudge.

In the spring of 1970, Mark took a hiatus from the ‘Rock Wars’ and decided he wanted to develop his writing and playing skills even further. He resurfaced in the mid 70’s with a highly regarded group that had the likes of Narda Michael Walden on drums, Reggie McBride on bass, Norma Jean Bell on sax, and Mark on keyboards and sharing vocals with the great Tommy Bolin. The Tommy Bolin Band was a high energy rock-fusion influenced band that attracted people like John McLaughlin, Jan Hammer, and Jeff Beck, to name a few, to come see the band play live. It was during this time that Mark made the transition from the Hammond B-3 organ to synthesizers. Mark toured and recorded with Bolin (then Private Eyes album), and left the Bolin band just prior to Tommy’s premature death.

After working on several writing projects, Mark joined Alice Cooper in the “Welcome To My Nightmare” show, and toured Australia and New Zealand. Upon his return to the states he hooked up with Dave Mason who produced Mark’s solo album on CBS Records in 1979. Mason then asked Mark to join forces with him and Mark toured and recorded with David for the better part of four years. Mark penned five tunes on Mason’s Old Crest On A New Wave album, and sang backing vocals with Michael Jackson on the track Save Me.


“Carmine Appice set the foundation for heavy drumming … before Bonham, before Ian Paice… before anyone else.” – Rick Van Horn, 1999 Modern Drummer magazine.

Mr. Appice is known for his showmanship, stick tosses and twirls. He is widely considered one of the most accomplished showmen in rock and was the first rock drummer to organise drum clinics held at college campuses, theatres, and drum stores. He is credited with influencing drummers such as John Bonham, Cozy Powell, Ian Paice, Dave Knepp, Nicko McBrain, Joey Kramer, Bill Ward, Roger Meddows-Taylor, Phil Collins, Neil Peart, Tommy Lee, Dave Lombardo, Richard Christy, David Kinkade, Robb Reiner, and Eric Singer.

“MASTER CLASS” – to learn more….stay tuned


“A more soulful shredder may not exist in all of classic rock.” (Ray Manzarek, Doors)

Vinny Martell, lead guitarist of Vanilla Fudge, and U.S. Navy Veteran, has received wide acclaim and worldwide recognition for the musicianship and originality that have etched out his place in the annals of rock history. His riff in the Vanilla Fudge chart topper, “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” is ranked the number four heaviest guitar riff of all time by Guitar Magazine. The Vanilla Fudge’s symphonic rock remake of this Supremes’ hit placed them at number six on the Billboard Charts in the U.S.A. and at number two on the charts in England, second only to The Beatles. Martell’s original, “Thoughts,” a B-side to “Take Me for a Little While,” went to number six on Italy’s Rock Charts.

Vinny Martell hosts two weekly radio shows out of Philadelphia on WNJC 1360AM: “Vinny Martell Rocks America.” (Tuesdays at 6PM) In Vinny Martell “flower-power and patriotism are alive and well.” (Asbury Press) With Peg Pearl as his co-host, Vinny keeps on rockin’ America and the world with originals and classic rock remakes, promoting established musicians and new up-and- coming artists, as well as airing great music that is changing the face of AM radio!!!

——————————- END OF “WAVE” IV ——————————————–



Get the Led Out – Missy Johnson & Out on the Tiles – Led Zepagain – Danielle & Nobody’s Fault – Featured Speaker: JERRY GREENBERG


“Joined At the Hip” with Pinetop Perkins & Willie Big Eyes Smith feat: special guest Bob Margolin – The NightHawks – “HoneyBoy” Edwards – ZoSo – Earwig Blues & Soul Revue feat: Liz Mandeville, Johnny Drummer, Dennis Binder, Les Copeland – Kashmir – Zebra -Zeppelin Live from Australia – Run Devil Run – Black Dog


DREAD ZEPPELIN – Pawnshop Roses – NiKi Barr Band – Fosterchild – The Crunge – NEW Featured Speakers who will also perform: Andy Cohen + Michael Frank – also from Earwig Music: Rob Stone – harmonica, Chris James – guitar, Patrick Rynn – bass, Rodney Brown – sax – All part of the Earwig Blues & Soul Revue


Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Members THE YARDBIRDS [3 nights!] / VANILLA FUDGE – Mark Stein-Carmine Appice-Vinny Martell / Sony/Red Recording Artist: TC CROSS / The Headlocks / Laura Crisi / Craving Strange


Henry “The Horse” Smith – Original Led Zeppelin Roadie / Chris Dreja of THE YARDBIRDS / MARK STEIN of Vanilla Fudge / Jim McCarty of THE YARDBIRDS / CARMINE APPICE – Drum MASTER! / Vinny Martell of VANILLA FUDGE




“Riot House/EAST”

Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center


$159 per night! [double occupancy]

(have your Ticket confirmation number ready)


CALL: (US) 201-348-0777

or Email:



✮R & R Hall of Fame Members✫Grammy Nominees✯Music Legends★Icons✬Influences & MORE!☞ZeP Fest 2011 | LINKS for those who don’t know: WAVE I – / WAVE II – / WAVE III – AND WAVE IV Parts 1 & 2 – | and STILL “WAVE” V is coming up….stay tuned

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  • John C said:

    If I’m honest (and I will), this event is nothing more than a pipe dream for most fans in dear old blighty. I reckon admission, digs, and flights will cost around a grand – most people in this economic climate just can’t justify that. Can we not have our own convention?

  • Jim Sloane said:

    I`m salivating too – but I can’t go !

  • Michael Brazee said:

    4 Months away and I am already salivating.

  • Andreas Stocker said:

    if only it would be 5 weeks earlier…we have an event at the Gaylord and i would definitely be able to swing it..damn

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