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The Joint, Las Vegas, NV

13 September 2002 2,878 views No Comment

Setlist: Four Sticks/Down to the Sea/Morning Dew/GTC/Hey, Hey What Can I Do/Fixinto Die/Calling to You/House is not Motel/Tall Cool One/BIGLY
First Encore: Song to the Siren/Misty Mt Hop/
Second Encore: Whole Lotta Love

What can I say? What an incredible thrill to see THE MAN again. I’m fortunate to say that this is my 6th time seeing him dating back to Manic Nirvana tour. Yes, Bobby Plant, solo artiste! He sounds (important) and looks (not so important) FANTASTIC. My beautiful wife
and I made the pilgrimage from Alaska to see this show from the 6th row, dead center. Roberts voice sounds so good, he could hit some screams that I didn’t think he had anymore–he can still bring home the goods baby.
I was going to bring an Alaskan Brewing t-shirt to throw onstage for Robert, but the wife thought it was too much of a groupie move on my part–hey, at least I didn’t even have to yell for Robert too often because the people all around me kept yelling “WE LOVE YOU ROBERT!!!!” throuought the show, much to my pleasure (I did, of course, scream myself hoarse just cheering and singing lines). The crowd was LOVING it, and Robert deserved every bit of it. He had some great comments, at one point he said we have a new album out, and the crowd cheered, and he said “Oh be quiet, the both of you”! Also, he said they just played L.A., and that it was a good place to “spend a couple of hours”! I can’t help loving the men from Zeppelin, they have brought me so much enjoyment from their music over the years, and while ridiculously expensive, I just can NOT miss them when they tour.
I haven’t seen John Paul Jones, but think his two albums are so damn brilliant–I was planning on skipping Plant to see Jones, but then he never seems to have gotten a proper tour together for Thunderthief yet, and of course, seeing Robert made me realise that I have to see any of them whenever they are out and about.

This from Alex Gonzalez
If there is one male alive who can still wear polar-white colored jeans and look damn cool it would have to be Robert Plant. That is what the man wore (along with a loosely fitting chinese styled long sleeve shirt gold in color and brown cowboy boots) as he took the Las Vegas stage.

It was a real privilege to see Robert in such a small venue where the worst seat is about 50 feet from the stage. He came out shortly after the opening band finished with their set. He opened with Four Sticks and followed with Down by the Sea. From the opening song to the second encore the entire crowd was on their feet. People were dancing, banging their heads, embracing the person with whom they chose to share this magical experience with – I recommend a cute blonde with flowers in her head-

The feeling I got that night was that the audience was there to see a legendary performer with a remarkable voice rather then the lead singer from Led Zeppelin. Knowing Robert’s attitude about past times I am sure he
appreciated the respect this afforded him.

A highlight of the show was the way Robert introduced Tall Cool One: “In 1973 I came to Vegas with John Bonham to see a performer who lead us away from Tiny Tim, who lead us away from Tony Bennett, who lead us away from Axl Rose…ELVIS this is for you”. It was a witty and sincere homage to Presley. The crowd love it.

At the end he came back for the first encore with Misty Mountain Hop and the hauntingly beautiful Song to the Siren -Linwood, how can you not like that song?? (Linwood reposte’s i DO like the song – I like the Elizabeth Frazer “This Mortal Coil” 3 minute version!!) When the song came to its end Robert and the band left…the applauses didn’t cease, they only got stronger…I was soaking it up because
it very well could be another 4 years until the next time and I had not heard of 2 encores on this tour. As I was ready to call it a night…he came back again!!!! Whole Lotta Love ensued and the place became alive again…. thanks Robert.
And a “newer” perspective from Kathy
I’ve been a fan of R Plant since ’99, when I heard a song called “Blue Train” on a jazz station. I haven’t listened to rock & roll since the late 80’s. I remember thinking, what a beautiful song; I never heard anyone sound that profoundly and genuinely sad on a record before; just a beautiful, sad voice. Didn’t know who he was and never heard of Jimmy Page (I’m serious!). Bought Clarksdale, fell madly in love with RP. I can’t believe I missed the first 31 years of his career. Now I have everything he has ever done.

Flew to Las Vegas for my first RP concert 13 Sept. The Joint is located in the Hard Rock Hotel and it is small; more like a bar than a theatre or concert hall. This place is bare bones, holds 1600. The flyer said Robert Plant, $150.00; The Who the next night, $355.00; and the Stones playing in that tiny place in November, $1003.00 per ticket!!! I had 10th row center seats, close enough to practically touch the band and suffer temporary hearing loss after the show because they were so LOUD! RP walked on stage without introduction at 9:00 pm and everybody went nuts. I jumped out of my seat and never sat down again. He started with 4 Sticks and did 6 LZ songs in all. I pretty much knew the setlist from checking this web site but I didn’t know
about MMH – that was a big surprise! All the LZ songs were spectacular. But my favorite songs of the night turned out to be Calling to You and Down to the Sea. Absolutely great!

I kept thinking, “hey, I can’t believe I’m at a RP concert.” Robert is awesome and the band is excellent. He just has a way about him, tons of charisma and personality, a force of nature on stage. It’s everything
really – the hair, the face, the smile, the way he moves; he is just gorgeous and extremely sexy. Oh yeah, he can sing too. 🙂 He introduced S/Siren as “the most beautiful song I have ever heard, please just listen to it” and then he sang it like he meant just that. He sang the heck out of that song. I loved it!

I was happy to hear for myself some of those famous Plantations everyone writes about. He introduced Tall Cool One by saying “in 1973 we took our wives to see a guy right down the road from here – an authentic rock & roller. Just think about him and it will make you forget about people like M&M and Axel Rose.” I have no idea who M&M is (TBL/Webman comment: You mean Eminem, the rap artist I presume) , but I really appreciated that comment, as I am a huge Elvis fan. He introduced WLL by saying, “do you like the blues?” It was the finale, everybody knew it, and everybody knew he was going to do that song and the roof almost came off the place. Very exciting. The greatest rock record ever made and I got to see it done live.

I have never been to a concert before where I knew all the words to all the songs, even the new ones. Morning Dew sounded just like the record, only faster; Fixin to Die sounded awesome, my favorite Dreamland song. I love Dreamland and I love Robert. I just had the best time!!

IMHO, Elvis is the greatest singer in the history of rock & roll. For me, Robert Plant is sitting securely in 2nd place. That is the highest compliment I can give him. His voice is strong, unique, and wonderful. I am so happy he didn’t retire in 1998; I would have missed him completely! If this current tour and CD are any indication, he has lots of years of great music making ahead of him. If you haven’t seen him in concert yet, you have just got to go! And I hope he keeps his band together; they suit him very well. God Bless Robert and his band mates; best wishes to them in all their future endeavors.

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