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Time Club, Bangor University, Wales

30 May 2002 2,387 views No Comment

if i ever get lucky/7+7 is/down to the sea/misty mountain hop/darkness darkness/hey joe/going to california
morning dew/calling to you/tall cool one/celebration day
Encores: a house is not a motel/song to the siren

This report (and the scans above) from Sunila, The Dragonlady:
It’s only been two days/nights and I already have to pressurize my brain and resort to my few scrambled notes to give you some of the mood of this nice evening. A venue that held about 800 which was, of course, sold out. Luckily I scored one of the last tickets at the local record shop the previous day.
My first spark of rememberance strikes with Darkness Darkness, which is still one of my big favourites. I found that Robert wasn’t completely into it that night but then again I wasn’t either, maybe it was just me, he was all smiles even so and the first “plantation” was delivered in Welsh… makes me regret even more that I haven’t persisted in my lessons but I don’t think I would have understood even then! I was lovely to hear anyway and so cool to feel Robert was in his “territory”.
Anyway, Darkness Darkness was just the right mood for me that evening, and what a perfect rendition.
Oh, I almost forgot the “fashion report” for those who enjoy these. Nothing fancy for any member of the band, Robert was in a white shirt and black trousers with shoes likewise… don’t ask me to tell more I’m not very good at that either!
Listening to the Sweden show as I type this, it might help me to unearth some stuff that got stuck in the jelly that is my brain (well I got home 4 hours ago and it’s late!).
Down To The Sea, was a nice surprise for me, first time I ever hear it live and there were quite a few that I could tick off my list that night (Tall Cool One being another one). I must say that Justin Adams is a marvelous addition to a great band… oh and someone please remind me of the other guitarist’s name, a new addition as well as I could gather?… Brilliant young fellow, really. (TBL/Webman: Liam “Skin” Tyson ex-Cast)
shy and all? Bah even Robert could hardly remember his name so this time I’ve got an excuse 🙂
Justin is everything I want to see on stage, mastering the tricky “oriental” parts as well as the rocking bits, except on Zepp songs where I still find it hard to hear anyone else than Jimmy but hey…And he’s fun to watch as he obviously enjoys it up there! Just listen to him play this strange little instrument on Hey Joe … wow!
I never really liked GTC but this one has been “following” me around ever since I first saw Robert in 93 so it has got sentimental value. Loved the moment where they take out the stools plus mandolin and Robert goes: “does that ring a bell?” Bah! Then he reminded us of how the Misty Mountains were only about 10 miles away from Bangor…and how some songs were also born there in the places where Owain Glyndwr used to hide… he dedicated GTC to Glyndwr, that’ll teach those who want to see more references to Tolkien in Zeppelin than there were!
Other plantations included a lot of memories of the “old days”. For instance something like this: ” in 67 it wasn’t like this over here,
people just didn’t care about us. It was hard to live with those expectations and later to live up to them…” Yeah well, the result
looks OK to me, but was it just me or was the crowd a bit slow and not so enthusiastic? It seemed to me that there were a lot of local students who didn’t really know what to expect from the former lead singer of that famous band….
And to conclude, _the_ song that always does it for me but did even more that night. Song to The Siren was litterally heartbreaking, I even had a few tears in my eyes by the time it was over, and sadly that was the final note, no WLL to cheer me up a bit.
The Strange Sensations are a strange band, yes but so are it’s fans…travelling weirdoes like me … OK I was just “passing by”,
actually intending to go to the Liverpool show but then choosing to stick with something a bit more “cosy” and unusual. I kind of regret that I didn’t go to yesterday’s show as well but I think that time will show me I was right, too much of a good thing makes it taste a bit dull in the end and I want to always keep good memories of these special holidays.
I can’t wait for the album to come out, I’m sure it’ll be a favourite for weeks or months in my cd player
This from Gwyn Roberts
Just a few musings following from Sunila, The Dragonlady’s excellent report on the Bangor Gig. The Welsh plantations were in response to my yelling “croeso i Gymru, Robert” (welcome to Wales, Robert) as loud as i could manage. The reply was …”Ble mae Gwen? Mae Gwen yn y swyddfa.” which translates rather enegmatically as…
“Where is Gwen? Gwen is in the office.”
This mystical celtic koan, is probably a line from a Welsh learning course. Given the fact that Robert has a home near *ac*yn*le**, this is a “good thing”, since the language is still widely spoken, and even though Glyndwr was defeated in 1409, the natives can still get restless:-)
Enough rambling, A great gig, such a buzz to see and hear the man in action up close. At Knebworth ’79 I was at least a quarter of a mile away (TBL/Webman comment: Wot – in the car park??) had to sit down at Manchester Apollo in ’84 and Glastonbury ’95, well it was a sunny afternoon…Bangor 02: I finally get the chance to ‘jump and shout’.
GTC made my night, an unexpected treat, i was just wondering “why the mandolin?” for the loud finish to HeyJoe then came the barstool and the cup of tea, ring any bells indeed, i was ecstatic! Calling to you/TCOne/Celebration Day were also brilliant, but GTC was the highlight. Liam Tyson, aka Skin was really good, obviously enjoying every minute

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