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24 July 2014 1,605 views 3 Comments

Genesis second book Jimmy Page for 92nd Street Y Literary Festival:

Jimmy Page will be appearing in New York talking about the forthcoming new edition of his book Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page on November 3rd.  

 Here is the info:

Jimmy Page in Conversation

Date: Mon, Nov 3, 2014, 7:30 pm

Location: Lexington Avenue at 92nd St

Venue: Kaufmann Concert Hall

Price: from $30.00

The first ever book by a member of Led Zeppelin.

Jimmy Page is one of music’s greatest guitarists, innovators and legends—Rolling Stone called him “one of rock’s most important and influential guitar players, writers, and producers” and ranked him number nine on its list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time—and he’ll be talking about his life and career as the groundbreaking guitarist for one of rock’s most iconic bands. His new book Jimmy Page is his official autobiography, a photographic essay he personally created to tell his story for the very first time. In his own words, combined with his handpicked selection of over 600 photographs, the book is the definitive visual and historical record of a remarkable life and showcases a collection of iconic portraits and rare images by over 70 of the greatest names in rock photography. He also delves into his personal archives, revealing unseen photographs and memorabilia. Today, Led Zeppelin remain arguably one of the biggest rock bands of all time and Page’s musical journey, from 13-year-old choirboy to Sixties session musician, through The Yardbirds to Led Zeppelin and beyond makes Jimmy Page an authoritative historical account. Join us for a rare interview and his first NY appearance.


The book ”Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page’ is available to pre order via Amazon

UK link at:

Jimmy Page official new merchandise

The official Jimmy Page site have just launched a new range of merchandise which includes A new t-shirt and sweatshirt range inspired by the iconic Lucifer Rising eagle design, plus subtle JP polo shirts and a range of ceramic mugs. More details at:


Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters for iTunes London Roundhouse album launch appearance:

color 2

Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters are amongst a host of artists set to perform at the iTunes festival being staged at London’s Roundhouse in September. Their appearance on Monday September 8th will act as a lunch for the new album lullaby…and the Ceaseless Roar due out that day.

Tickets are free for competition winners and the shows can be watched live or on-demand via iTunes or on Apple TV. Speaking about their gig Robert said ”We have had a huge year so far. Expect some surprises! We’ve been roaring around the world this summer from Morocco to the Arctic Circle. The band is on fire. It’s now time to shake it on down in NW1.”

For further ticket application information  visit:


Robert Plant European Tour Feedback:

color 1

Just wanted to share some pictures from the Colors of Ostrava Festival.  First of all you could not pick a better venue than this.  I have been to a ton of concerts over the years but this place is totally amazing!  The pictures do not do it justice and whoever thought of this should be given some kind of award for most interesting venue ever!

Highly recommend to festival goers everywhere.  Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters show was the premiere band there and they put on a really nice show.  Although not the 3hr sets of Zeppelin days (the show was a little less than 2hrs I think), there was a lot of energy there, lots of young people and Zep T shirts in evidence everywhere.

They introduced a few new songs from the upcoming album including Little Maggie which were well received and a number of Zep tunes like Whole Lotta Love, Rock & Roll, Going to California and Babe I’m Going to Leave You that we all went crazy for.  All were performed  with the expected twist from the originals but really nicely twisted.

Rick Key


Robert Plant opens new heart camera unit at Brompton hospital:

This via GetwestLondon

Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant opens revolutionary heart camera in Chelsea

Former Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant made his way from Glastonbury’s pyramid stage to a slightly smaller gig as he opened a new high-tech camera at Royal Brompton Hospital.

The musician, who had a heart scan at the hospital earlier this year as part of a routine check-up, opened the new Spectrum Dynamic DSPECT Gamma Camera at Royal Brompton on Monday evening (July 21).

Unveiled in the Chelsea hospital’s nuclear medicine department, the new camera is just one of three in the UK and improves the quality of images of a patient’s heart, compared to a conventional gamma camera.

The singer from one of the most successful bands in the world, said: “I have been keeping an eye on my health and I wanted a thorough check on my heart. Dr Duncan Dymond of St Bartholomew’s Hospital referred me to Professor Richard Underwood at Royal Brompton for a nuclear medicine scan and I was reassured by them both that all was well.

“I am delighted to learn of the new equipment that will help patients in the future.”

The higher resolution of the new camera means problems can be detected at an earlier stage and the higher sensitivity means patients can be imaged in a fraction of the time, usually less than five minutes compared with fifteen, and less radiation is omitted.

Professor of cardiac imaging, Richard Underwood, said: “This was a special day for us and for all of the staff who have worked so hard to install and use the camera.

“We are pleased to be in the vanguard of using this next-generation camera to help our patients. We are are particularly excited at the prospect of making measurements of blood flow to the heart muscle. We know this will allow us to spot problems early and to recommend the very best treatment for our patients.”

Thanks to


Memorial concert in honour of Led Zeppelin legend John Bonham – this via the Redditch Advertiser:

deb 1 tony terot

A FUNDRAISING gig organised to help raise cash for a memorial in honour of Led Zeppelin legend John Bonham will be taking place next week.

 The show, at St Stephen’s Church, will feature the late drummer’s sister singer/songwriter Deborah Bonham, who will be playing a special acoustic set.

 It has been set up by members of the John Bonham Memorial Fund, whose aim is to raise an initial £50,000 for the design and installation of a fitting permanent memorial in Redditch town centre, the birthplace of the legendary drummer.

 The preferred location for the memorial is on the Church Green, behind St Stephen’s church, next to the Bandstand and Bartleet Fountain, on land owned by Redditch Borough Council.

 Any additional monies raised will be used to cover future maintenance costs.

 The show is on Saturday, August 2 at St Stephen’s Church.

 Tickets are £10 in advance or £12 on the door with all proceeds going toward the statue of the great drummer.

 To book or for more information, visit

See link at:

In response to some adverse comments received following the news story link above, that I posted on the TBL Facebook page earlier this week , here is is a statement from Deborah Bonham Management:

Dear All.  This memorial idea has been put together by fans who would like to honour John in his home town of Redditch.  Deborah has been asked to perform by the memorial organisers as she too was born and raised in Redditch and she has agreed after we established everything was bona fide with the local Council, as it’s a great honour for the Town to recognise her brother John’s talents and achievements. Deborah cannot speak on behalf of the Led Zeppelin Organisation or the John Bonham Estate, she is purely performing free of charge to support fans who want to make this happen and for her brother’s memory.

The voice of the people is the power here – If the fans want a statue of John Bonham in Redditch because they value what John has done and he was born and raised there, then all power to them and we will support. With regard to the misspelling of John’s name, we have contacted the local newspaper who have confirmed this was a type printing error, his name is spelt correctly further down in the article.  Not great we know but it’s a local paper trying to support the event and someone didn’t proof read properly that’s all.  We thank the paper for their support.

Many Thanks.

Deborah Bonham Management

Many thanks to Deborah for that statement – the John Bonham memorial gig on August 2nd is already building momentum and is set to be an emotional and very worthy event.


TBL Archive Special: Copenhagen warm ups for Knebworth : 35 years gone

To mark the 35th anniversary of the two warm up gigs Led Zeppelin performed at the Falkoner Theatre in Copenhagen on July 23rd and 24th 1979 – here’s an extract from the Then As It Was Led Zeppelin At Knebworth 1979 book

This is from Chapter Five –  I Was There and focuses on Christer Fahlstrom’s memories of attending the July 24th Copenhagen gig…

My Copenhagen … Christer Fahlström

He looked pretty unexceptional, but he was the first person I’d met with a genuine interest in music and who knew which artists were good and which bands you should definitely see. His name was Ove Stridh and he became my best friend during our military service.

The year was 1978 and in our spare time we argued over the relative merits of tracks like “Midnight Rambler” and “Kashmir” emanating from the cheap little speakers that we had put up in our barracks.

We were both engaged as telegraphists and we were young and reckless. We would often broadcast Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones via shortwave radio even though radio silence was enforced on major military exercises. Ove and I were convinced that we had been placed in our particular military unit because we wouldn’t have fitted in an ordinary Swedish regiment. Ove was a music poet. I was a crazy drummer.

One evening Ove told me a remarkable story. Aged seventeen in 1975, he had travelled alone to England to fulfil his life’s ambition: to visit Knebworth to see, hear and experience Pink Floyd. At that time there were neither mobiles, YouTube, Ryan Air nor internet. It required a lot more work back then to get hold of tickets, collect information and get where you wanted to be. Now, 34 years later, I realise that this particular evening was the origin of the amazing Zeppelin expedition that would follow.

It was spring 1979. Ove and I had left the military and our paths had separated. We were reunited again by a common contact, Anders Lindman, who I had met at my new job at GDC (The Gramophone Company’s distribution centre) where we were usually packing mountains of Abba records for shipment to record stores. Anders was a close friend of Ove and they both came from the same small town in Jämtland. Through Anders I kept in contact with Ove who forwarded tips on places where you could order bootlegs. Ove built Stones and Floyd collections and I was trying to build my first Zeppelin collection.

Zeppelin had recently been in Stockholm to record “In Through the Out Door” in ABBA’s Polar Studios. I had tried to meet them at the Sheraton where they were staying. I brought their album “Presence” with me and wanted to get it signed, but their road manager informed me through the reception that they had left the hotel just an hour earlier.

Soon after, a colleague at work told me about a rumour he’d heard that Zeppelin would return to Stockholm for a one-off concert. The rumor turned out to be wrong and instead, two gigs at the Falkoner Theatre in Copenhagen were announced as a warm-up for the band’s scheduled comeback concerts in Knebworth two weeks later.

I was not slow to act. Just a few days later I had tickets in my hand. I hadn’t managed to get tickets to the first show but I found tickets for the second one (which turned out to be the best of the two). Meanwhile, Ove and I had also gotten tickets for Knebworth and we had started planning our trip there: I to see Zeppelin and Ove to see Keith Richards perform with Ronnie Wood in their side project, The New Barbarians.

But first I was completely focused on Copenhagen to see Led Zeppelin, the Gods, for the first time.

Ten days before my first trip to England, I was in Copenhagen. I had spent my childhood in Malmö, Sweden and I knew Copenhagen pretty well, but this would be my first visit to the Falkoner Theatre. I spent the day at a seedy hotel behind the Grand Central Station together with Lars Norén, a friend of Ove who had tagged along.

We sat in our room and read the negative Danish press reviews of Zeppelin’s first concert the previous night, which had been seriously held up by a power cut. Many irate journalists – and press photographers who weren’t allowed to take photographs – had missed flights and trains back home thanks to the delayed start to the concert.

I just wanted to be able to take somesecret pictures. I had to get me a pretty neat camera that wouldn’t take up too much space. Just a single lens, selection of light-sensitive slide film and choice of clothing so that the equipment could be hidden and smuggled. Throughout that spring I had been listening to their repertoire on the complete bootleg box from their US tour in Cleveland 1977 (“The Destroyer” Smilin’ Ears Records, Inc.) to get an insight into how their performances would be.

Finally we were there – Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, Tuesday July 24th, 1979, about 15 metres from the stage. A third of the seats were empty but we were still around a thousand fans gathered. The concert was late in starting and the mood was pensive after the bad reviews.

Suddenly the silence was broken, “The Song Remains the Same” opened with a bang! Everything unleashed. Bonham sat flush with the audience and you could feel the pressure wave created by his right foot pounding the skin on his mighty Ludwig 24″ bass drum. I couldn’t have been more alive! Just to see Jimmy with his twin-necked 1971 Gibson EDS-1275 got the blood boiling in my veins. What pressure, what power! Now they are on stage with a vengeance!

At one point in the concert the lights were extinguished. It was pitch black so you could not discern whether the band had left the stage. Three red spotlights suddenly lit to show Jimmy Page sitting alone with his 1960 Danelectro. He started to play “White Summer/Black Mountain Side.”

It sounded wonderful and brought to mind the bootleg I had played throughout the spring. I had been completely blown away by the contrast when Jimmy’s controlled guitar playing on “Black Mountain Side” was followed by an explosive version of their brutal juggernaut track, “Kashmir.” Would it happen again? I gambled. When Jimmy was approaching the end of “Black Mountain Side,” I stood up on my seat seat, stretched out my arms to the sky and shouted as loud as I could: Kashmiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrr!

I had not finished my roar when we were dazzled by a dozen spotlights mounted on Bonham’s drum riser. It brought the rest of the band on stage again to the overwhelmingly heavy sound of Kashmir. Everyone else in the audience had now risen and was roaring with me. In the shockwave of the sheer volume coming from the stage it felt like we would be bent like trees in a hurricane. That transition, the incredible power – I will never forget that moment…

cop 1

Extract from Chapter Five of the book Led Zeppelin Then As It Was -At Knebworth 1979  – written and compiled by Dave Lewis

For a limited period the book is on offer at £10 off the normal price – don’t miss out – order at this link:


The new TBL T-Shirt design: Pre order now! latest update:

The new TBL T-Shirt is now under production and pre- orders are being accepted now –  distribution update:

Standard men’s order sizes should be ready for despatch in the next few days with Ladies sizes to follow soon.

This special TBL T-shirt is a two colour black Gildan heavy cotton T-shirt depicting the new TBL Mag logo expertly designed by Mick Lowe with the slogan ‘’Not just a band…more a way of life…’’ –  white and gold print on black T-shirt.

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DL Diary Update:

A week of sorting out the TBL T-shirt pre orders, more text for TBL 38 and various research work on other TBL projects in the offing. I also fitted in a visit to the doctors as I’ve been feeling somewhat under par recently.

There was a tonic to be had last weekend with the staging of the bi annual Bedford River Festival. The good lady and I had an utterly splendid two days with many good friends soaking up the festivities that included an illuminated boat parade, raft race and a host of live music.

gem 1

While at the Bedford River Festival last weekend , I bumped into Jem Davis Bedford based keyboard player with FM . It was great to catch up reminisce about Midnight Blue the late 80s early 90s band Jem was in with Doogie White (who went on to be singer with Rainbow and Michael Schenker amongst others).  I saw Midnight Blue a fair few times and also did some PR work with them and Tom and I promoted a charity gig they played here in 1989. I was convinced they would break through but alas they missed the boat that the likes of Thunder rode very successfully on. Still have demo cassettes of the band and they still sound great.


On the playlist: Led Zeppelin Live In Seattle 1973, The Beatles White album, Paul Simon There’ Goes Rhymin’ Simon (another great summer album), Bob Dylan Blonde On Blonde double album  – this has been the vinyl bargain of recent weeks. I discovered this at a local charity shop snuck away amongst a load of classical albums – the mono original 1966 pressing with CBS label inner sleeves – all of £3 – result! I’ve also been listening to a preview of the new Robert Plant album – compelling, challenging and captivating in equal measures…you can’t but admire his aptitude and ambition for total reinvention…and he gets it right on the money with this album -more on all this to follow.

DL  July 24th, 2014.

You Tube clips round up : Jimmy Page Interview on Absolute Radio:

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters performing Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Dresden July 17th:

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters performing Rainbow and Going To California  Until next time…have a great weekend…

Keep listening, keep reading…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy – July 24th , 2014.

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  • Ian D said:

    I think I’m going to the wrong charity shops! Result indeed, trust you are not neglecting side C of his Bobness’ finest. Maybe I’ll uncover that turquoise Zep 1 for 99p in the British Heart Foundation at the weekend.

  • VHP said:

    Hi Everyone,
    Dave as ever great site. Steve, I share your frustrations. Yes, as DL says he owes us nothing, but it would be lovely if he did do something. There is a good interview in this months Classic Rock where Jimmy says he wants to ‘musically flex his muscles again’ and that playing live is next for him – but not til next year.

    Musically he is asked about being quoted as saying he had a lot of new music written on acoustic guitar & in response Jimmy says “I didnt actually say that. I might have said I had some new music. Thats as far as I’ll go with that. But I have a number of new pieces – not just one song or whatever”.

    Positive words yes, but the JP carrot of something new had been dangled many times since 1998.

    So will he do it & record & play live next year. I hope so, but I definately will not be holding my breath though! I saw Jeff Beck a few weeks ago and he was awesome. I would love to see Jimmy play the size of venues Jeff did and not try to fill the O2 Arena or NEC sized venues.

    Anyway, off to buy a new mug from his web site.

  • Stephen said:

    Sorry if I’m repeating myself, but I’m disappointed to see Jimbo flogging more merchandise and books when he could be in the studio making music. I just cannot get my head round why he does not want to put out any new stuff. The last official new studio material was Walking into Clarksdale in 1998 – 16 years ago. As a massive Page fan it is extremely frustrating; especially when he continually hints in interviews at releasing new music. Is he toying with us, or does he actually have any intentions of ever recording again. He needs to come clean with the fans. The suspense is no longer enjoyable, like waiting for Bruce Willis to get it on with Cybil Shepherd in Moonlighting. Right I’m off to order a t-shirt 🙂

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