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27 September 2013 5,164 views 7 Comments


Announcing the forthcoming publication of Led Zeppelin Then As it Was – At Knebworth 1979written and compiled by Dave Lewis – the new publication from TBL Publishing.

After many months of coalition and design, I’m very pleased to announce that the above title should be ready for distribution late November. 

The finished book files are now at the printers –designer Mick Lowe and I signed off the last text corrections and updates on Monday September 23rrd.

This completes a project that has stretched back over two years. When the first edition of the Knebworth book sold out in June 2011, I set about a plan to produce a new totally revised updated edition. In between many projects, last summer 2012 I began to formulate how this was going to work – adding new text and revising the initial chapters etc.

Work really began in earnest on all this in February this year. From March onwards, Mick and I have been beavering away at the text and design – inbetween writing producing and designing TBL 35, and my work on various other things (The Rolling Stones Goats Head Soup feature etc).

This has proved to be a massive undertaking –and a far bigger task than I envisaged and I apologies for the time it’s taken to bring to fruition. What became very apparent  was the depth of detail and scope that opened up once we got to work on the layout.

Looking over the final edits on Monday -well I’ve got to say I am more than pleased with the end result. As mentioned before, designer Mike Lowe and I have approached this as an entirely new book, creating a completely revamped edition in the design style of the much acclaimed Feather In the Wind – Led Zeppelin Over Europe 1980 volume.

Even if you have the first edition of the book – this new version is an entirely fresh angle and presentation and you will not want to miss out.

This is what is lined up: Limited edition hardback book in the same size as the Feather In The Wind book with full colour design throughout. 256 pages across 13 chapters and 6 Appendix sections. Over 150 colour photos throughout the book – many of them rarely seen before -including Copenhagen warm up shots, soundcheck photos, crowd views, on stage photos and many more.

This extensive visual imagery really captures the atmosphere of the event and times. 120,000 word text including: Chris Charlesworth preface, state of play overview, original Dave Lewis TBL issue 3 text, extensive I Was There first hand recollections, full on stage transcriptions, Knebworth interviews, Knebworth Showco light and sound focus, Knebworth aftermath, American view by Larry M. Bergmann, and finally the Return to Knebworth 30 Years Gone chapter bringing the story full circle

All this plus extensive and fully illustrated appendix sections: Complete Copenhagen warm ups/Knebworth  bootleg analysis and discography compiled by Graeme Hutchinson, memorabilia listings, statistics, playlist and an In Through The Out Door discography compiled by Nick Anderson. This is a total overhaul of the first edition with over 30,000 words of additional text and many more rare photos and memorabilia images.

May I offer huge thanks for all the contributions to the book in particular Graeme and Nick, Chris Charlesworth, Larry Bergmann Jr, Ian Avey, David F. Brown and Christer Fahlstom and  to Mick Lowe for another steller design -very special thanks to Mike Tremaglio for all his invaluable help with overseeing the text.

Here is what is in store: This is a total overhaul of the first edition with over 30,000 words of additional text and many more rare photos and memorabilia images

Foreword  by Ross Halfin

Introduction by Dave Lewis

Preface: How Could They Fail? by Chris Charlesworth

Chapter One: Led Zeppelin 1979: The State Of Play by Dave Lewis

Chapter Two: Led Zeppelin In The Evenings :Back! By Dave Lewis

Chapter Three: Led Zeppelin – The Copenhagen And Knebworth Concert Logs

Chapter Four: Led Zeppelin’s Blind Date: Seeing Was Believing by Dave Lewis

Chapter Five: Led Zeppelin at Knebworth 1979 : I Was There: Nostalgic recollections from out in the field (and from the Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen)

 Chapter Six: Nineteen Hundred & Seventy Nine:Secrets Revealed, Memories & Perceptions Of Knebworth.  A personal view by Larry M. Bergmann Jr.

Chapter Seven: The Pre & Post Knebworth Radio Interviews

Chapter Eight: The TBL Interviews: Aubrey Powell & Nicky Horne

Chapter Nine: Showco Inc: The Light & Sound of Led Zeppelin at Knebworth 1979

Chapter Ten: The Knebworth Aftermath by Dave Lewis

Chapter Eleven: Zep on the Town – November 1979 by Dave Lewis

Chapter Twelve: A Knebworth Postscript: Christmas 1979 – A fictional story?

Chapter Thirteen: Return  To Knebworth – 30 Years Gone…by Dave Lewis

Appendix One: Led Zeppelin  at Knebworth : The Bootleg Discography compiled by Graeme Hutchinson

Appendix Two:  Led Zeppelin at Knebworth:  The Memorabilia compiled by Dave Lewis

Appendix Three:  Led Zeppelin at Knebworth : The Statistics compiled by Dave Lewis

Appendix Four:  Led Zeppelin at Knebworth: The Playlist compiled by Dave Lewis

Appendix Five:  In Through The Out Door: Worldwide Rarities Discography compiled by Nick Anderson

Appendix Six:  Notes & Sources

kneb prev sept

Every book will be individually numbered and signed by the author. This is again in a strictly limited run so do not miss out

In summary: Led Zeppelin Then As It Was – At Knebworth 1979 is the latest in the TBL publishing series that analyses the concert history of Led Zeppelin in greater detail than ever before.

If you were there back in 1979 …you will revel in reliving the memories…if you weren’t lucky enough to be…this is the opportunity to discover the full story surrounding the final remarkable on stage performances in their homeland of Led Zeppelin with John Bonham…

Suffice to say, the book will also make the perfect Christmas present – so prompt your loved ones now to ensure seasonal delight! How to Order:

You can pre order the book at the following link:

Please note all pre orders have been logged as received over a quite lengthy period, since I first announce it in 2011. So if you ordered a while back, don’t worry it’s all in hand. All incoming orders will be allocated the lowest numbered edition as received.

In the coming weeks I’ll continue to update on further progress.

Led Zeppelin Then As It Was – At Knebworth 1979 is the book that will take you back to that field just outside Knebworth during an English summer of 1979…

The concerts…the crowds…the music…the memories…the legacy… And this time there are no sleeping bags required…  

Dave Lewis  



John Paul Jones set for  Festival International Mandolines de Lunel 2013

John Paul Jones will present the tenth anniversary of the Mandolines de Lunel festival in France commencing on October 29, 2013. He will perform  a live set on November 2, 2013.


This is John’s’ fourth appearance at the festival, playing with Mike Marshall and Hamilton de Holanda in 2004, presented a 30-minute solo performance on tripleneck mandolin and Kyma in 2005, as well as playing with the Italian Bluegrass Band and Hamilton de Holanda’s Brasilian Quintet in 2006.

Here’s an invitation from John via YouTube :

(Many thanks to Jeff Strawman at Achilles Last Stand web site  and James Cook)


Robert Plant on North Mississippi Allstars album:

In preparation for the October release of their forthcoming album, ‘World Boogie Is Coming’, blues duo North Mississippi Allstars (brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson) have revealed a new track – ‘Goat Meat’ – which features a guest appearance from Robert Plant on harmonica duties. Stream the track below. Robert’s relationship with NMA began when he invited the band to open some shows on his solo tours. Then, when NMA were recording the new album in Memphis’ Royal Studios, Plant dropped in unexpectedly and laid down his harmonica parts through a mic that belongs to soul legend Al Green.

You can stream the track at this link:


DL Diary Update:

The last few days of signing off the Knebworth book were particularly fraught – as Mick and I checked and re checked the text for typos, errors etc. I’m sure something will have slipped through but we did our best…have to say it’s a massive relief that it’s now completed and at the printers. This has been a major task –far bigger than I envisaged…it all looked pretty good when Mick and I waded once final time from page 1 to 256…I’m hoping you will all agree with me when it’s finally published in late November……from Knebworth,  it was straight into TBL 36 planning  and a trip on Tuesday via bus and train to Peterborough. It was there that I met with former Kerrang and Q editor Paul Rees to a talk about the writing of Paul’s soon to be published biography of Robert Plant A Life.

paul rees

We had a most enjoyable couple of hours discussing the long career of the old lemon squeezer  -Paul has done a solid job in encompassing all aspects of Robert’s career,  particularly his early pre Zep days. If you want to know details of the first gig Robert ever attended, what his nickname was in Listen, or which well known female singer sang backing vocals on Robert and Listen’s version of You Better Run –well look no further.  These facts and many more are all in there…more on all this in TBL 36….and that’s exactly where the workload shifts to now as I aim to spend the next few weeks rattling that one out. More on all this soon.

Have to say September 25th turned into a very emotional day – Deborah Bonham’s reply to my post was just awe inspiring – many thanks to so many of you who took the time to comment on the TBL site and facebook page.  If ever there was an example of the phrase’’ not just a band…more a way of life’’ being applied, then yesterday‘s reaction was certainly it…

On the player Led Zeppelin III as it’s getting near to the time it was realised way back in 1970, plus some Robert Plant 1983 live stuff partly inspired by the excellent Channel 4 documentary on the 1980s TV show The Tube. This was the show Robert filmed a special concert for on June 22nd 1983. The good lady Janet and I made the journey up for that one –ultimately of course he pulled the plug on it being screened. I faithfully reported on this event for the local newspaper back then – it’s a bit of time piece and I searched it out…here it is…

tube 1

tube 2

Also on the player Northern Soul Classics Vol 1 inspired by the excellent BBC 2 Culture Show documentary Northern Soul Keep The Faith focusing on the 1970s club phenomenon that is still going strong today. Forget Strictly Come Dancing…this is the genuine dancing article – I love watching Northern Soul enthusiasts do their stuff to the soundtrack of obscure and uplifting black American soul singles…..also still digging the delights of Bob Dylan’s Another Self Portrait, Paul McCartney and Wings One Hand Clapping set (thank you Paul H!) – there’ a good interview with Macca in the new issue of Mojo…and on vinyl it’s been Marvin Welch & Farrah Second Opinion (thank you Phil!) and Graham Nash Songs For Beginners.  With the record fair in sight, I have on my wants list a James Gang album or two and I’d also like a Jess Roden LP -his name cropped up talking with Paul Rees about Robert’s Midlands contemporaries ( Jess was in Bronco with Robbie Blunt and Kevyn Gammond)  and there’s also a great feature on him in the new issue of David Claytons’ ever brill Free Appreciation magazine –check it out at

With the Knebworth book a wrap, it’s now full on with TBL 36 to sort – there will be a little respite next week with the annual Bedford Beer Festival to check out  and I may well get out to see Deep Purple keyboardist Don Airey who is playing a jazz set in the local Bedford Arms on Monday night.


Until next time…Keep listening, keep reading…

Have a great weekend 

Dave Lewis/Gary FoySeptember 27th , 2013.

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  • Steven said:

    I was part of the sound team employed at Tyne Tees and worked on The Tube. I remember the Plant show and the production team meetings that followed Roberts decision to pull the performance.
    I also remember a colleague of mine explaining some years later that only a few performances from bands on the Tube exist because there was a company policy at the time to recycle the video tape that was used to record all the companies productions. This means that some amazing performances were lost. And me thinks the Plant performance was one of them. I did have an audio cassette copy of the the performance straight from our production mix but as you may have guessed over the years and countless house moves I have been unable to find it.
    Later that year I went to the Plant gig at the City Hall (Newcastle) and remember Robert making a not so thinly veiled swipe at the Tube performance some months earlier.

  • Bob Flux said:

    Does anyone know if the vetoed Tube gig has “found its way out of the cupboard” anywhere since?

  • Michael In Melbourne said:

    Hi Dave,

    Great to hear that your labour of love is complete. Congratulations to you! I am very much looking forward to receiving my copy of the 2nd edition. The first was sensational and from what you have told us all of the contents of the next edition, it will likewise be an essential addition to any Led Zeppelin fan’s collection.


  • Graham Rodger said:

    That revised Knebworth book looks awesome.

    On a completely unrelated note… you can hear Roy Harper talking (and hopefully playing) on BBC Radio 4’s LOOSE ENDS programme today, presented by Clive Anderson. Not sure what time it’s on, but you’ll be able to listen again on the BBC iPlayer for seven days.

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Thanks for great comments re the book Byron and Zoso

  • Zoso 1 said:

    Hey Dave,

    The new book sounds excellent. I got Feather in the Wind and loved it. I was always fascinated by the poorly-documented 1980 tour. I know hardcore fans think Zep were in their prime live from 1969-75, but for me, there’s something fascinating about there later gigs. They’re inconsistent but, somehow, more emotional. On the ’80 tour, Since I’ve Been Loving You almost became a lament for the band itself.

    I still remember paying £30 (a small fortune to a young student back in 1992) to buy a video of Knebworth at a record fair in Glasgow. Pre-internet there was little info on pro-shoot Zep gigs – aside from your Celebration book which I had purchased – so unearthing these treasures was akin to finding the holy grail. The performance was patchy but the sense of occasion was huge and the version of Kashmir, and some other songs, that made it onto the Zeppelin DVD were monstrous.

    I look forward to buying and reading the new book.

    “Must be the samosas…”


  • Byron Lewis said:

    Knebworth – I can still picture Jimmy leaping off his stool launching into Kashmir, pure rock n roll that of all the bands I’ve seen since have never encapsulated. Looking forward to the book.

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