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19 December 2013 1,334 views 19 Comments

jimmy page 77

TBL Celebrates Jimmy Page at 70: The TBL Poll:

As part of the TBL celebrations of Jimmy Page’s impending 70th birthday in January, we are conducting a TBL poll to attain your favourite Jimmy Page guitar performances across his 50 year career. This will take the form of a series of reader polls for which we want you to list your ten favorite Jimmy Page guitar performances in a series of categories.

Many thanks to the response to last week’s Jimmy with The Yardbirds poll.

This week the focus is on…

Your All Time Top Ten Jimmy Page studio performances with Led Zeppelin:

What we would like is for you to list in order of preference, your all time top ten favourite Jimmy Page STUDIO performances with Led Zeppelin. This would cover the first Zep album through to the Coda set. Note this excludes any live albums ie Song Remains The Same, How The West Was Won, BBC Sessions.

We are specifically asking you to vote in order of preference, your all time top ten Jimmy Page studio performances with Zep.

On a scoring basis of ten points for a number one choice, nine for a number two etc – we will collate the results from your All Time Top ten listings to determine the most popular choices. The results will be announced on January 9th – Jimmy’s 70th birthday.

To kick things off – here are my all time top ten Jimmy Page studio performances with Led Zeppelin.

1: Achilles Last Stand

2: For Your Life

3: In The Light

4: The Song Remains The Same

5: Ten Years Gone

6: Kashmir

7: Since I’ve Been Loving You

8: Ramble On

9: I’m Gonna Crawl

10: Stairway To Heaven


We look forward to receiving your list – to contribute just send your All time top ten Jimmy Page studio performances with Led Zeppelin list either via the comments section below, the TBL Facebook page or email to  .

If you want to add some comments re your choices, that would be very welcomed.

The next poll in the TBL Celebrates Jimmy at 70 will be announced in due course


Jimmy Page End of year Choices – Laura Marling:

In two end of year music magazine polls, Jimmy Page has declared his affinity for the work of the UK singer songwriter Laura Marling – In Classic Rock he lauds her recent album Once I Was An Eagle and in Mojo’s ‘Best thing I’ve heard all year’ round up, Jimmy acclaims her appearance at the Royal Albert Hall that he attended earlier this year.

mojo marling

marling cr


Robert Plant 2014 Tour Dates – New album nearing completion:

There’s been no official announcement as yet but a fair few dates are either rumored or on sale. James Cook rounds this up as follows:


Keep an eye on Robert’s official website for full confirmation.

On his Facebook page this week Robert made the comment ”Sensational Space Shifters album…lost for words. Almost complete. Indication of another mouthwatering prospect for 2014…


TBL Archive: The First Reunion – Golden Lion December 15th, 1981.

As this date passed by a few days back, it rekindled memories of the first public reunion of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones which I was lucky enough to be in attendance.

Here’s the story:

Back in the early months of 1981, Lynn Sizemore who was PR to the Golden Lion Roadies Charity For Children Association, the charity formed from the Fulham pub often acquainted by the Zep / Swan Song entourage, approached me to publicise in the next issue of TBL, a children’s charity raffle being held in December – I was only too willing to help and we began planning how this would all work. The raffle was duly featured in TBL issue 6 which came out in the late summer of 1981. I had a few meetings with Lynn during this period including one memorable occasion at the Golden Lion pub in Fulham. Robert’s sound man Benjii Lefevre was in attendance and I was introduced to John Bindon the notorious London character who had been with the Zep entourage on the 1977 tour and involved in the infamous Oakland fracas. Robert and John Paul Jones had already promised to attend and give prizes out on the night set for December 15th so it was always going to be a special evening.

Even more so after the call I made to Swan Song the week before the event. Sian at Swan Song informed me that Jimmy was also due to attend. It duly turned into something of a grand Swan Song reunion in true Zep style.

On the night itself, Peter Grant arrived with Jimmy around 8.30. A combat attired Robert and smartly dressed JPJ were already in tow. Various roadies and Swan Song employees were there as was John Bindon again. Tom Locke and I spent a memorable night in the pub as Jimmy, Robert and JPJ mingled by the bar and duly got up on stage to present the prizes of Jimmy’s Yamaha acoustic guitar (wonder where that is now?) and a set of personally signed albums. The main winner was an American guy while runner up was, Steve Simmons a TBL subscriber from Bristol. Here’s a pic of Steve on stage receiving his prize.

golden lion 1

Jimmy looked in better shape than he had in Europe the previous year and told me he was working on the Death Wish 2 soundtrack. As a Christmas present I gave Robert a copy of a large format History Of The Blues book (wonder if still adorns his book shelf?) to which he acknowledged with the classic “Eye Thank yew” catchphrase so prevalent on the Over Europe tour. I took the opportunity to tell Peter and Atlantic’s Phil Carson of my plans to write a major reference work on the band’s music though it would be another eight years on in the Marquee (at a Jason Bonham gig) when I was able to tell the pair of them that the book (Led Zeppelin A Celebration) was soon to be a reality.

It may have been a strictly non playing role, but this unexpected Led Zeppelin reunion was full of warmth and good cheer. Underlying all that though was the definite feeling that they now all had separate plans – Jimmy with the soundtrack, Robert with the in progress recording of his debut album and Jonesy who wryly informed someone at the bar that he was now on permanent school run duty for his daughter’s back in Devon. It would be another eleven years before all three appeared in public together in the UK again to attend the 1992 Q Awards to collect the outstanding achievement award, and another 26 years before they played together on that night of nights in December 2007.

Fast forward to August 29th 2013 and the Colston Hall Bristol.

golden lion 2

As we were making our way into the arena for Robert’s Sensational Space Shifters show amazingly enough I bumped into Steve Simmons for the first time since that night at the Golden Lion back in 1981. Steve was carrying a photo book of the pics he took back then – we had a good old chinwag about how he had been the runner up in the competition and the signed albums he was presented with on that night all of 32 years ago.


DL Diary Update:

First of all a recap on the Knebworth book:

All orders are up to date – many of you I know will be receiving the book as a Christmas gift…hopefully the waiting will be worth it.

If you have yet to indulge –here’s the ordering link:

TBL 36:

All pre ordered and subscribers copies are now in transit of have been delivered.

Let me know what you think.

Again, if you haven’t got around to ordering – here’s the link:

Or you can subscribe for all three TBL 2013 subscription issues to receive issues 35 and 36 with 37 due in the New Year:


It’s been the usual pre Christmas caper of running around, sorting presents, planning stuff etc before the big days next week. Coupled with the ongoing despatch of TBL book and magazine orders it’s all been pretty relentless and I will be well pleased to ease up a little next week. This really has been the biggest workload I’ve undertaken in terms of distribution –but no complaints -many thanks for all your support in the purchasing of TBL products.

There was some very good news here this week…

Our Sam may not have been too interested in the written word (well it was my old Zep baloney!) back in 1991…see pic below – but she is right on it now as on Tuesday Sam found out she has passed her exams ( first time!) to be a Senior Reporter ….Proud parents are we …oh yes!


Playlist wise –some Christmas fare namely Frank Sinatra’s classic seasonal offering, Miles Davis Blue Christmas and elsewhere In A Silent Way, Jethro Tull This Was (which includes their very fine 1968 Christmas Song) and Stand Up and Humble Pie Eat It double album, talking of which I’ve just ordered the Humble Pie Rockin’ the Fillmore Complete Recordings CD set –this has sold really well and I missed the first pressing a couple of months back which quickly sold out – Phil Tattershall was raving about this when we met up a the book launch at the Musicmania event. Zep wise I’ve been revisiting the 72/73 tour including the One More Night Southampton double vinyl set- blimey they were good that night.

Last Friday morning driving back from dropping Sam I had a bit of a moment….. Achilles Last Stand came on the cassette player. I had not heard it for a while and I have to say I totally welled up…it was one of those moments when you realise the enormity of their achievements..and how important they are, were and always will be in my life ..and why I do what I do so relentlessly.

More than just a band…beyond life affirming. As for the composition -has any guitarist past or present, so immersed himself so totally in a piece of music as the 31 year old Jimmy Page did inide Musicland Studios in November 1975? Achilles Last Stand is the very heart and soul of Jimmy Page…and Led Zeppelin….as seen above it remains my all time favourite Jimmy Page guitar performance.

As the new year comes to a close, I am already looking ahead to 2014 –and there’s some exciting plans being formulated for next year’s TBL schedule – more on all that soon. Before then, there’s Christmas to soak up and I am already right in the festive zone after taking on my annual role as Santa for the Christmas party at the pre-school the good lady Janet works at. Just another TBL service….you gotta love Santa…and he is on his way soon…

DL santa dec 18 2013


Until next time…Keep listening, keep reading…

Have a great weekend

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy – December 19th, 2013.

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  • App1 said:

    My top 10 Jimmy page solo’s are:

    1) Stairway to Heaven live song remains same version

    2) No Quarter live song remains same version

    3) Since I’ve been loving you Studio version

    4) Dazed and Confused live song remains same version(particually funky solo and solo at end)

    5)Tea for one

    6) Achilles last stand studio or Knebworth live

    7) Whole lotta love/Boogie Chillun(let that boy boogie) live song remains same version

    8) THe Rain song

    9) Tens years gone

    19) Im gonna crawl

    Jimmy was at his peak live in 1973, so I could almost put the whole TSRTS on list!!

  • Paul Gross said:

    1. Achilles Last Stand
    2. Communication Breakdown
    3. Since I’ve Been Loving You
    4. Rain Song
    5. The Rover
    6. Lemon Song
    7. I Can’t Quit You Babe
    8. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
    9. Bron-Yr-Aur
    10.I’m Gonna Crawl

  • DaveW said:

    In no particular order….

    1. For Your Life

    2. Hots On For Nowhere

    3. Kashmir

    4. Trampled Under Foot

    5. Wearing And Tearing

    6. Song Remains The Same

    7. Black Dog

    8. Gallows Pole

    9. Whole Lotta Love

    10. Dazed And Confused

  • Kevin F. said:

    Hello Dave,

    Just wanted to say thank you for those books and the bonus gifts. Listening to those sound bites brought tears to my eyes. It’s worth every penny and such an honor to know how close you are to the band. You are the Zeppelin info database. Here are my list of Jimmy’s best studio work. The live ones will follow.

    1. Ten Years Gone
    2. Bron-yr-aur
    3. Tea for One
    4. Kashmir
    5. Achilles last Stand
    6. In my Time of Dying
    7. In the Evening
    8. Since I’ve been Loving You
    9. The Lemon Song
    10. I’m gonna Crawl

  • Kurt said:

    Hey Dave, wow, tough task on top 10, might have to get back…. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading about the first “reunion” above. I put so much energy into the boys’ over the years (not as much as you my friend!), starting to get sappy thinking about it. You said Jimmy looked better than he did in 1980, but I was just reading something about the ARMS concert (when is that coming out on DVD, can’t the money go to the cause?) and people were saying how bad Jimmy looked, and supposedly Jimmy himself has said he looked bad. I guess I understand, but that ARMS performance on MTV remains burned into my mind, as it was the first time I ever saw Jimmy play live. I hadn’t seen the Song Remains Same, and had never seen any video. Watching him play Prelude blew me away, and I thought Who’s To Blame had some of the most radical mutant rock sounding guitar, fantastic! Didn’t like City Sirens as much, and thought Stairway was rough, but still liked it. I was 19 and just at the start of my obsession with the band, which has continued until now as a 48 year old. One confession, I have finally taken it down a notch with Robert’s new music. I loved everything from him until Dreamland. I really loved several songs off of Mighty Rearranger–yes I know everyone says anything that comes out from any of the masters today is the BEST thing they’ve ever done, but it just didn’t quite get All of me….Ok, better stop the blabbering, cheers to you, Merry Christmas!

  • Richard from Mississippi said:

    Here’s my (current) list:

    1. Stairway
    2. The Ocean
    3. Over the Hills and Far Away
    4. Celebration Day
    5. In My Time of Dying
    6. The Song Remains the Same
    7. Houses of the Holy
    8. Achilles Last Stand
    9. Hey Hey What Can I Do
    10. Wearing and Tearing

  • Ed-Washington DC said:

    These are in no particular order, and is not intended as a conclusion of mine. In fact, it could be completely different list a week from now.

    1. Tea for One. Mournful, plaintive, delicate, hopeful and ultimately triumphant and regal, Page is on another level with this overlooked gem.

    2. Down By the Seaside. While the solo is up-tempo from the rollicking verses, the main riff on this song captures for me a carousel on the midway near the water, and invokes warm summertime imagery with remarkable clarity.

    3. Custard Pie. One of the early uses of the sythesized guitar signal, later used to great effect on Fool in the Rain, but done with such tasteful subtlety on this number.

    4. In the Evening. Page’s great re-emergence after all the 77 drama and resultant exile. As grand an entrance as kicking in a door.

    5. You Shook Me. I always love how Page patiently awaits his turn at bat, and escalates an already soaring rendition of this blues standard to an interpretation that almost whistles like a bird.

    6. D’yer Mak’er. So laid back and precise, and almost minimalist. Such song-craft as work in this solo.

    7. Darlene. Ribald, barrelhouse, the type of exercise that you suppose Page could work out in his sleep. Effortlessly true to the spirit of Scotty Moore, Duane Eddy and the like, which he no doubt found early influence.

    8. Travelling Riverside Blues. This was a later overdub, but it so seamless and apropos of the spirit of the number.

    9. Rain Song. A large part of the Page arsenal, twelve strings, Django, chordal without pretension. Really gives insight to his strength as an arranger.

    10. Stairway (Song Remains the Same version) The Tennessee Waltz break continues to inspire and the passion and emotion of the solo takes on greater impact with each listen all these years later.

  • Mateusz P. said:

    Hi Dave !

    Well, it’s not easy to pick up just 10 Jimmy’s best performances with Led Zeppelin…
    But here’s my contribution:

    1. I can’t quit you (Coda version – I know that it is not what we can call a studio performance stricto sensu, but it’s not a live version neither)

    2. Since I’ve been loving you

    3. Achilles last stand

    4. Whole lotta love

    5. Hats off to (Roy) Harper

    6. Kashmir

    7. For your life

    8. The lemon song

    9. The wanton song

    10. Friends

  • Peter said:

    A cassette player Dave? Wot’s one of them??

  • guy VG said:

    1) Sibly
    2) Stairway to heaven
    3) Rokn’roll
    4) Whole lotta love
    5) For your life
    6) Communication breakdown
    7) The song remains the same
    8)Tea for one
    9) Kashmir
    10)All my love

    Best regards

  • Cliff Hilliard said:

    Hi Dave,
    My list for Jimmy’s poll:-

    1) The Rain Song

    2) Since I’ve Been Loving You

    3) Wearing And Tearing

    4) Babe I’m Gonna Leave You

    5) Achilles Last Stand

    6) In My Time Of Dying

    7) Ten Tears Gone

    8) Ramble On

    9) Friends

    10) Communication Breakdown


  • Vincent Brightling said:

    1. Achilles Last Stand
    2. Ten Years Gone
    3. Fool In The Rain
    4. Dazed & Confused
    5. Black Dog
    6. Whole Lotta Love
    7. Bron Y Aur Stomp
    8. We’re Gonna Groove
    9. Ramble On
    10. No Quarter

  • Gary Davies said:

    Dave, I am surprised not to see HOFN in your top 10 seeing as you have previously raved about that solo (?).

    A top 10 list? Mmmm, this is a tricky one indeed as there’s so many moments of brilliance. I think I’ll go away and do the Jack Black “Zepathon” and report back in due course…

  • paul webber said:

    1…bron yr aur
    2…dazed and confused live
    3…the rover
    4…ten years gone
    5…tea for one
    6…stairway to heaven live
    7…over the hills and far away live
    8…in the light
    9…in my time of dying
    10..achilles last stand

  • Tony Butler said:

    1.For your life
    2.The lemon song
    4.Communication breakdown
    5.In my time of dying
    6.Over the hills and far away
    7.Nobodys fault but mine
    8.Sick again
    9.The Rover
    10.Custard pie

    Oooh some difficult choices….tooooo many!!!


    Oh dear, another year’s window of opportunity scuppered. Still, on the positive side at least we’ll have something less ‘Hayseed Dixie’ to enjoy in 2014 !

    Here’s to JPP’s 70th on January 9th – onwards & upwards Jimmy.


    dave,don”t miss out on the humble pie four cd set…….FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE !

  • Carlos said:

    These are my all time top ten Jimmy Page studio performances with Led Zeppelin

    1. Archilles Las Stand
    2. Ten Years Gone
    3. The Rain Song
    4. In the Light
    5. Sincé I´ve Been loving You
    6. Tea For One
    7. Bron Yr Aur
    8. The Rover
    9. Stairway to Heaven
    10.Over the Hills and far away

  • Tim C. said:

    1) Achilles Last Stand

    2) Stairway to Heaven

    3) The Rain Song

    4) Ten Years Gone

    5) Bron Yr Aur

    6) Over the Hills and Far Away

    7) The Rover

    8) Whole Lotta Love

    9) In the Light

    10) Fool in the Rain

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